Here presents a glimpse of the upcoming trend of indoor LED light.


Main Functions

Task Lighting
When you are reading, cooking, and writing, you want the light to be bright enough to focus on the specific work but not too bright to hurt your eyes. Then a cabinet lighting strip with high voltage or a lamp can offer you the highest illuminance while being glare-free.
Accent Lighting
When you have something to highlight, to grab one’s eyes once they enter your room, a light source that sheds light on the specific area is for accent lighting. Cabinet lighting strips are the major performer for this task. A smart and programmable LED strip can also create an atmosphere of relax and luxurious.
What is Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lights have various fixture types, including puck, tape, and rope lights. All of which have different shedding scopes with different purposes.

And the under cabinet lighting strips are the most common ones. The USB LED light strips can be attached under the cabinet to enlighten the cooking space or the piece of art you want to underscore.

Its application scope is not restricted to the kitchen, bedrooms, canteens, and living room. It is an important part of modern indoor house decoration.

Under Cabinet Light Choosing Guide

Traditionally, under cabinet lighting strips are more efficient than ceiling lighting, meaning that the consumed power is lower. To measure the efficiency, you can find the wattage and lumens outside the package: Lumens/watts = efficiency

  • Task lighting: 200-500 lumen/ft.
  • Mood lighting: 80-200 lumen/ft.
Color temperature:

From very warm to cool white, under cabinet lighting strips with different color temperatures will create an atmosphere vary from ambiguous to formal. Color temperature range from 3000k to 5000k is appropriate. One can choose it based on their demands.


Where you plan to install the cabinet lighting strips is another factor to consider. It determines the length and types of indoor LED lights you need.

Products Recommendation

The 5V smart LED light boasts a sleek design with changeable
colors, soft lighting, and a hand-waving sensor, making it
a top-notch household decoration.
The smart LED light provided by LEDIA is made up of quality materials, ensuring its longer service life. Besides, the light also has a hand-waving sensor and a glare-free light design.
The high-voltage wireless cabinet light is suitable for task lighting. Although in large voltage, the light is soft and glare-free. It features a hand-waving sensor and a no-screw design.
The 24V color changeable under cabinet light comes with a PIR motion sensor, making it more intelligent compared to most cabinet lights in the market. The adjustable brightness enlarges the scope of its application.
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