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LEDIA – Your Expert in Commercial Lighting Solutions

LEDIA’s commercial lighting solutions are carefully designed to facilitate all your commercial and industrial applications. Appropriate lighting arrangements are critical for success in the commercial sector. Factories, offices and warehouses must be properly illuminated for higher efficiency, lower error, and therefore, better productivity. Rather than relying on poor quality, poorly fitted lighting fixtures, work with LEDIA, a leading LED light manufacturer.

LEDIA is one of the leading providers of commercial lighting solution works across the globe. We don’t just deliver commercial lighting; we provide reliable, controllable and fully tailored lighting solutions with a focus on putting the customer first.




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Factors To Consider When Customizing Industrial Lighting

Optimal Illumination in Large Space

Commercial areas tend to be larger and, therefore, demand a wider lighting scale. However, you must also factor in lighting costs. The aim should be to strategically place the most suitable lighting options that enhance the visibility and attractiveness of your commercial space without breaking the bank.

Operating Time

Commercial lighting can run over 10 hours per day, commanding lighting that can operate stably. Besides, commercial lighting replacing can be a considerable job, and therefore, the business runners prefer LED lights with enduring lifespan.

Lighting Task

Commercial lighting generally has the following missions: supporting days of working, shedding lights on something important, and spice up the space. Choose the right LED lights is not only benefit in this moment, but for the days to come.

Locations and Fixtures

Commercial spaces may undergo changes in layout or purpose over time. Selecting fixtures that are adaptable and easily reconfigurable allows for flexibility in accommodating future adjustments without the need for significant lighting system overhauls.

LEDIA’s Custom Industrial Lighting Solutions

Overhead Color Wash

Smart LED Strips

  • Various series for choice: regular, silicone neon, and silicone transparent
  • High lighting efficacy
  • Available for smart controls
  • Certified quality: waterproof and well certified
  • Long warranty

Widely Applied

Cabinet Light with Sensor

  • Multiple voltages for choice
  • Adjustable and programmable length
  • Rechargeable
  • Coming with patented designs
  • Smart sensors provided
  • Various shapes, color temperatures, and lighting colors for choice

Professional Commercial Lighting

High Bay

  • Intelligent design
  • Intelligent sensors applied
  • Adjustable beam angles
  • Different wattage selectable

Why Choose LEDIA?

Since our inception in 2004, LEDIA has been committed to delivering quality LED lighting solutions that are customer-centric, precise and innovative!


LEDIA takes on a leading role when it comes to new innovative commercial lighting solutions. As a part of these measures, we invest 9% annually in R&D. With our intensive R&D efforts, we continue to invest and upgrade into new lighting systems. After thorough testing and intensive quality control, we put our latest upgraded solutions on the market!


LEDIA is one of the largest LED light manufacturers around the globe, with a large production capacity of over 20 production lines, delivering approximately 1.5 million meters of LED strips and over 10,000 pcs of newly invested luminaries every month.

Quality Control

To ensure the quality of our products, we only work with verified, reputable resource suppliers. Moreover, our quality control efforts are a critical part of our production process, ensuring our final commercial lighting solutions are reliable, error-free and fit for use.

LEDIA’s OEM Processes

LEDIA’s OEM lighting solutions are brought from concept to design with the help of our expert team.

Our OEM process starts with light conceptual and blueprint design

With a final design, we procure our necessary resources from the best suppliers across the country

Post-design, we carry out extensive modelling and prototyping

With assembly, we move on to control and testing or thermal safety, efficiency, and heat management.

Finally, our approved LED lights are available for shipping!

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