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Established in 2004, with decades of experience in smart and quality LED lights, LEDIA has been gaining reputation as the trustworthy smart LED light supplier at home and abroad.

Where to See LEDIA Quality LED Lights

LEDIA provides various kinds of LED lights that cater to different use case scenarios.


Industrial Lighting

LEDIA smart LED can withstand complicated manufacturing environments. They require little maintenance and have a longer lifespan.


Commercial Lighting

The evolving commercial environments require LED light systems that can commit certain lighting missions, making the right “vibe”.


Residential Lighting

Residential lighting is a critical part of housing decoration, helping to forge stylish and cosy living environments. LEDIA provides various kinds of LED lights that can cater to various demands.


Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting has a tougher requirement on the stability of LED lights. They should be able to work day in and day out, even in surroundings with strong moisture and dust.

What Quality LED Lights OEM Supplier You Are Finding?

For years, LEDIA has been developing our capability in smart LED light design and production, aiming to provide our OEM customers with cutting-edge products and services.


To prevent downtime and minimize delivery delays, ensure your bulk order can bedelivered on time.


To ensure the quality LED lights offered to cater to the evolving market demands.

Quality Control

To ensure every product manufactured meets certain standards.

Customer Support

To ensure the details of the orders are taken into consideration, the delivery situation is notified, and the later questions are solved.

Productivity — Why Choose LEDIA as Your OEM Supplier

For decades, LEDIA has optimized its automatic factory, boosting productivity. It isestimated that the annual output of the LEDIA automatic factory reaches:
  • 24,000,000 meter strip lights
  • 3,000,000 pcs light fixtures


10 automatic linear production lines

Streamline the manufacturing processes to boost productivity while ensuring smooth and error-free production.


10 automatic light fixtures production lines

The production lines forge a sound light fixtures production system to ensure the 2D graphic designs can be made in 3D objects while ensuring stringent quality control and stable production.


20 SMT lines

SMT line refers to the process of mounting electronic components directly onto an LED printed circuit board (PCB). They help to reduce material wastage and improve precise processes.

NO. 2 Reason — Stringent Quality Control

LEDIA has set up a CNAS lab that is certified by UL, WTDP & IECEE. The testing lab covers the whole processing chain, hitting all the factors, safety, efficiency, performance, etc.

Photometric Test

Photometry is a modern science that measures visible light in terms of its perceived brightness to human vision. It ensures the lumen of the LED lights is in the scientific range, minimizing the damage to the eyes.

Electrical Safety Test

LEDIA smart LED strips, cabinet lights with sensors, puck lights, and other LED light fixtures have passed through the test to ensure their installation and working are safe.

EMC Test

The test is for ensuring LEDIA quality LED lights emit little amount of electromagnetic interference and can function well in complicated electromagnetic phenomena.

Environmental Reliability Test

It is a test to measure their endurance to extreme temperatures and heavy humidity. This is why LEDIA quality LED lights can work well in manufacturing and outdoor conditions.

IP Protection Test

Ingress Protection tests (IP testing) are capable of assessing LEDIA smart LED lights’ ability to withstand ingression (water, dust, foreign objects) from the outside.

LEDIA’s Committed to R&D Development

We continuously invest in R&D development, endowing our products with quality-boosting technologies and novel designs.







Product Showcase

Smart LED Strips

LEDIA provides a series of smart LED strips, including regular strip lights, silicon neon series and silicone transparent series, which can cater to commercial, industrial, and architectural demands.

Product Showcase

Cabinet Lights with Sensors

Rechargeable cabinet lights are gradually becoming indispensable in today’s indoor decoration. LEDIA provides cabinet lights with sensors of various voltages for different lighting missions.

Product Showcase

Light Fixtures

In terms of outdoor and commercial lighting, LEDIA provides light fixtures with sleek designs and excellent light distribution.

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