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Public LED Lighting Solutions LEDIA Provides

The public spaces we enjoy, our roads, parks and recreational sites must carry public lighting for residents to feel safe and secure outdoors. Besides safety and security, lighting also plays a key role in functionality. Large metropolises and even small cities need strong and long-lasting LED lighting networks.

LED lighting is considered the superior choice thanks to its energy-saving capabilities, eco-friendliness, easy maintenance and high thermal resistance, among other factors. The latest LED developments from reputable companies such as LEDIA also deliver smart controlled LED lighting systems that are ideal for public spaces.




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Invention Patents

LEDIA’s LED Lighting Spotted in Public


LEDIA LED lighting solutions are perfect for public streets and roads thanks to their bright and uniform illumination. Street LED lighting ensures these public roads are well-lit and secure for both pedestrians and drivers alike. Due to quality outdoor street light solutions, well-lit streets and roads are also proven to reduce chances of defacement, vandalism, property damage, burglaries and other street crime.

Educational Facilities

Educational facilities are the cornerstone of a developing society where students and faculty spend much of their day. LEDIA’s LED lighting solutions ensure such educational facilities are well-illuminated to boost concentration levels, improve visual performance and create a more productive educational setting. Our LED lights further provide minimal glare, reducing the chance of eye strain and headaches.

Health Facilities

Health facilities demand optimal lighting to reduce the risk of errors, improve patient outcomes and contribute to patient satisfaction. This is even more crucial for emergency departments that need to work on sensitive, time-intensive cases. Of course, quality lighting can also deliver more pleasing aesthetics.


LEDIA’s public LED lighting solutions are the perfect addition to museums and art galleries. Our lights are strategically positioned to draw attention to the artwork and exhibits on display. Lighting further helps guide visitors through the museum, allowing to alter the mood of the exhibition space as needed or even use the play of light to enhance the visitor journey.

LEDIA’s Custom Public LED Lighting Solutions

Superior performance

Flood Light

  • Compact design: extremely slim body of roughly 60mm
  • Adaptable to various using case scenarios
  • Adjustable to different beam angles
  • High light efficiency

Professional Commercial Lighting

High Bay

  • Rugged design for intense working
  • 3 CCT (cooler color temperature)
  • Intelligent sensors applied
  • Adjustable beam angles
  • Different wattage selectable
  • Available to work with backup power supply

Why Choose LEDIA?

Since our inception in 2004, LEDIA has been committed to delivering quality LED lighting solutions that are customer-centric, precise and innovative!


LEDIA is a trusted LED light manufacturer and believes that innovation is key when it comes to sustainable development. This is why we avidly invest in innovation and the development of new and exciting lighting solutions that better meet the needs of our customers. This is why we invest roughly 9% annually into our R&D efforts, which have led to the development of over 200 authorized patents and 34 invention patents.


LEDIA is the trusted choice when it comes to LED wholesale solutions. Our facility has over 20 production lines currently active, capable of delivering over 1.5 million meters of LED strips alongside 10,000 units of luminaries in a month!

Quality Control

We ensure strong quality control measures to consistently deliver the same durable, long-lasting LED quality. A testament to our reliance on industry regulations and standards is the several certifications we have tied to our name, including the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CQC, SGS, UL, CE, CB, SAA, NSF, ETL, RoHS/REACH, GB, IEC, ERP and ANSI.

LEDIA’s OEM Processes

LEDIA’s OEM lighting solutions are brought from concept to design with the help of our expert team.

Our OEM process starts with light conceptual and blueprint design

With a final design, we procure our necessary resources from the best suppliers across the country

Post-design, we carry out extensive modelling and prototyping

With assembly, we move on to control and testing or thermal safety, efficiency, and heat management.

Finally, our approved LED lights are available for shipping!

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