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What You Need to Know About LED Light Manufacturers–LEDIA

What You Need to Know About LED Light Manufacturers–LEDIA

  • 24 Oct 2022

LED light manufacturers can be found in homes and stores all over the world. However, with over 3 billion LED lights sold each year, it can be difficult to keep track of the most popular brands. This blog post introduces a well-known LED lighting company, LEDIA LIGHTING.


Ledia Lighting is a state-owned high-tech enterprise and smart LED lighting company based in Guangzhou, China, and a subsidiary of Honglitronic Group. Ledia Lighting has established a good reputation at home and abroad as a leading LED linear light company after years of development. Ledia Lighting also has a state-of-the-art CNAS testing laboratory to ensure that all products pass the relevant tests before they go to market. Furthermore, Ledia Lighting offers complete LED lighting solutions for both outdoor and indoor LED lighting.

Featured Products

Ledia Lighting has specialized in LED linear lighting for over 15 years. LED bare board strip lights, PVC/silicone strip lights, cabinet lights, and other lighting fixtures are among our products. LED linear lights are certified both domestically and internationally, making them extremely popular all over the world. Furthermore, the LED linear lights listed below will be an excellent lighting solution for you.

Production capability

Ledia Lighting is a professional LED light wholesaler with a large production capacity, integrated by hundreds of imported automatic equipment, including high-speed SMT, automatic waving, and full coverage waterproof, with more than 20 production lines covering the entire LED strip production process chain, each producing approximately 1.5 million meters per month. Furthermore, the newly invested lamp production line can reach a production capacity of 10,000 pieces in a month.

R&D system

Ledia Lighting invests in and upgrades testing and quality control systems continuously, adhering to the concept that product reliability is at the heart of the brand. The testing laboratory covers the entire product processing chain, including safety, performance, electromagnetics, and so on. Our laboratory has been certified by UL WTDP and IECEE, as well as the national CNA, as a result of our efforts.

Authentication system

Ledia Lighting’s LED lights are certified as a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program and comply with industry standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CQC, SGS, UL, CE, CB, SAA, NSF, ETL, and other regional regulations and standards such as RoHS /REACH, GB, IEC, ERP, ANSI. As a result, Ledia Lighting will be a qualified LED light company that provides both outdoor and indoor LED lights.


Enterprise sustainable development relies on innovation. Ledia Lighting is a forward-thinking LED lighting company that invests 9% of its annual revenue in research and development. As a result, Ledia Lighting has approximately 200 granted patents and 34 invention patents, and the number is constantly growing.

If you are looking for a well-known, high-quality LED light manufacturer for your business or sales path, please contact us.