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What You Need to Know about 120V Under-Cabinet Lighting

What You Need to Know about 120V Under-Cabinet Lighting

  • 25 Oct 2022

In this blog post, the author talks about the benefits of installing cabinet lights in the kitchen or other rooms. This article will outline how to install under-cabinet lighting and discuss the pros and cons of using this lighting option


Why is there a 120v under cabinet lighting?

Under-cabinet lighting is a great way to add elegance and style to any kitchen. Not only do they look great, but they also come in many different styles and sizes to suit your brand’s specific needs.

Under-cabinet lighting is perfect if your brand is looking for beautiful light fixtures that add a little convenience and style to you.


  1. What is it?

120V under cabinet lighting is a type of lighting commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. It is a recessed light installed under the cabinet. This type of lighting is great for dark areas, such as under the sink or behind a counter.

      2. How does it work?

120V under-cabinet lighting typically uses bulbs located in an enclosure or fixture. The bulb screws into the housing and have a socket on the end. When you turn on the light, it sends light down the lower part of the cabinet through the holes in the housing. This type of lighting is great for dark areas, such as under the sink or behind a counter.

Kinds of 120v LED Strips from LEDIA LIGHTING


There are many different types of LED strips available for under cabinet lighting. Here are some of the most popular types:

1. LED strips: These are the most common types of LED strips. They come in a variety of colors and lengths and are easy to install.

2. LED Floodlights: Floodlights are similar to LED strips, but they come with a built-in light diffuser. This makes them ideal for under-cabinet lighting.

3. LED Track Lighting: Track lighting is a type of under-cabinet lighting that uses a single LED to create a light path. This is perfect for creating a custom look in your kitchen or bathroom.

4. LED strips: These strips are smaller than other types of LED strips and are ideal for under-cabinet lighting applications that require limited space.

5. RGBW Led Strips: RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) Led strips to combine red, green, and blue light to create a more realistic color spectrum. This is ideal for creating vibrant colors in your kitchen or bathroom.


Which LED strip is right for your application?

For under-cabinet lighting, several different LED strips are available. The most common type of LED strips is SMD LED strips. This light bar is smaller than standard LED bulbs and can be easily placed under cabinets.

Another type of LED strip is the RGB LED strip. Composed of many different colors, RGB LED strips are perfect for cabinet lighting. RGB LED strips also have a wider range of brightness, which means people can adjust the brightness according to their needs.

The last type of LED strip is the dimmable LED strip. Dimmable LED strips are designed to gradually change light intensity. This makes them ideal for areas where you want a subtle glow rather than bright light.



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