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Understanding Linear Light: What Ledia Lighting is, and Why   You Should Be Using It

Understanding Linear Light: What Ledia Lighting is, and Why You Should Be Using It

  • 23 Nov 2022

LED linear lights are a type of lighting widely used worldwide because they produce much less heat and energy than other forms of lighting. Although Linear lights are often associated with reducing power consumption, they also have advantages beyond this. Find out what these advantages are and more in this blog article!

What is linear lighting?

Linear light is artificial illumination created by shining a single light source in a straight line. Linear light has consistent, predictable brightness and color across the entire beam, making it ideal for creating focused highlights or shadows. Because linear light is so uniform, it’s often used to create natural-looking lighting effects in photos and videovideos.

Benefits of using linear lighting

Linear light is one of the most popular types of lighting because it offers many benefits for your studio or photography work.

One reason linear light is so popular is that it’s versatile. You can use it to create a wide range of looks, from subtle and natural-looking portraits to dramatic and impactful shots.

In addition, linear light is often more flattering than other types of lighting. This is because it casts a gradual and even lights on your subject, which gives them a more natural look.

Finally, linear light is efficient. This means you’ll use less energy to produce the same effect, saving you money in the long run.

Why is Ledia lighting so popular

Integrated by hundreds of imported automatic equipment, including high-speed SMT, automatic welding, and full coverage of waterproof, Ledia Lighting, a professional LED light wholesaler with a large production capacity, owns over 20 production lines, which covers the whole LED strip production process chain, with approximate 1.5 million meters monthly. In addition, the newly invested luminaries production line can meet 10,000pcs production capacity for a month.

Holding the concept that product reliability is the brand’s core, the LED light company — Ledia Lighting, keeps investing and upgrading testing and quality control systems. Testing labs cover the products processing chain, including safety, performance, electromagnetic, etc. With our efforts, our laboratories are certificated by UL WTDP & IECEE as well as National CNAS.


Overall, linear lighting is a versatile and effective type of lighting that should be considered if you want to improve the appearance of your space.