Product Fixture

Product Fixture

Indoor products are mainly composed of commercial and industrial lighting product lines, including panel light, troffer,linear light,tri-proof light, linear high bay, UFO high bay,etc.

Outdoor lighting products such as floodlights and street lights as the main product lines of Ledia lighting have been widely praised by customers on the grobal market . Ideal for bridge, building facade, billboard, street, car parking, square,etc with a wide range of power and optional beam angles.

Introto LED flex strip products LEDIA Lighting

LED flex strip products, covers various different types, including low voltage and 

high voltage, different color temperature from 1800K to 25000K, single color, RGB, 

RGBW, RGBCCT available, digital/DMX strips available, waterproof from IP20 to 

IP68, customized product available

LEDIA Lighting Introto LED flex strip products LEDIA Lighting,Inquiry: Customers tell the desired form factor, performance specifications, life cycle, and compliance requirements.

R & D System

R & D System

Coming to Ledia office area, dozens of engineers are busy and orderly working in the research 

and development center. "Preciseness, passion, innovation and win-win" is deeply engraved in 

the heart of Ledia R&D people, and they practice this mantra throughout their work.

Design Phase: structural Design/ discussion of design details /review meeting, with each 

detail elaborately carved and each step linked together;

Sample Production: seek problems from prototype Samples, continuously improve to perfection;

Testing Phase: Entering the CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity

 Assessment) Accredited laboratory, a tester is having various tests on the product according 

to verification plan of product design: Grounding insulation dielectric/earth test/thermal 

test/alternating hot and humid test/baking test/photoelectric performance test with 2.0m 

integrating sphere. stroboscopic test/ light distribution (10 m darkroom)/EMS/EMI/IP rating 

test/salt spray test, etc., CNAS recognized testing people, professional and excellent 

testing equipments, accurate test data provide strong support for the product design and 

development validation work.The research and development Center will continue to stay true 

to its original aspiration and keep on moving.

Quality Control

LThe LEDIA Quality Department is mainly responsible for maintaining the company's quality 

management system, continuously doing a good job of raw material/product quality 

inspection, ensuring that products meet qualityrequirements, and delivering qualified 


Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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