LD-FR-SJT-DC24V-RGB2835-60-12X4.8 — 24V RGB LED strip

LD-FR-SJT-DC24V-RGB2835-60-12X4.8, a 24V RGB LED strip, serves as an LED lighting and decoration to change colors depending on different needs.


Product Description

LD-FR-SJT-DC24V-RGB2835-60-12X4.8, a 24V RGB LED strip, can be the ideal linear strip lighting solution outdoors and indoors.


Product Advantages:

  • Innovative and Unique Design: The crystal light body of the linear strip light with a very smooth feeling.
  • Flat Lighting Surface in Wide Beam Angle
  • Flexible and Bendable: The linear strip light is made of silicone, which has excellent flexibility and can be cut every 6 LEDs to customize the length of the 24V RGB LED strip.
  • Fast Delivery and Excellent Quality: Ledia Lighting has a large production capacity, rich experience, and a well-rounded team.
  • Anti-UV up to 5 Years and Not Yellowing: The fine material and comprehensive production flow make the 24V linear strip light high-quality for outdoor and indoor lighting solutions.
  • Excellent Waterproof Performance: The IP67 ensures the good performance of the 24V RGB LED strip.
  • Fire-resistant: With silicone as its material, the linear strip light has excellent fire resistance.
  • Better Performance: Compared with PU-coated strips or PVC jacked strips, the silicone linear strip light has more advantages, such as thermal capability, weatherability, etc
  • Smart Control: The colour-changing led strip can be controlled with an APP.



With excellent performance and high quality, LD-FR-SJT-DC24V-RGB2835-60-12X4.8, the 24V RVG LED strip, is certified by many certificates at home and abroad, such as RoHS, CE, and so on. LEDIA Lighting, a professional linear strip light solution provider with rich experience, focuses on craftsmanship and creativity in linear lighting for outdoors and indoors and always provides satisfying and qualified colour-changing led strips to meet the standards and requirements.



The 24V linear strip light is the ideal outdoor and indoor LED light, suitable for swimming pools, light advertising boxes, building outlines, sauna rooms, shower rooms, etc.



  1. Innovative and unique design.
  2. Flat lighting surface in wide beam angle.
  3. Crystal light body with very smooth feeling.
  4. Flexible and bendable.
  5. Silicone solid structure extruded by machine.
  6. Fast delivery and excellent quality.
  7. Anti-UV up to 5 years and not yellowing.
  8. Excellent waterproof performance.
  9. Fire-resistant.
  10. Cut freely and use friendly.
  11. More advantages compared with PU coated strips or PVC jacked strips.
  12. Wide applications in swimming pool, advertising light box, building outlines, sauna room and shower room, etc.



Type Transparent
Color Red, Blue, Green, White
Working voltage DC24V
Rated Power/mtr 12W, 7w, 9w, 10W
LED Qty/mtr 120LEDs
CCT 3000K, 4000K, 6000K
LM/m 1205Lm
LED Distance 0.83cm
PCB Size 10mm
Min cutting unit 6LEDs (1unit)
Min cutting length 5cm(1unit)
Conttnous length 10m
weight/m 65g
Storing Temp. -40~60℃
Working Temp -40~45℃
IR Rating IP67