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New Silicone Neon Tape for Your Creative Projects

New Silicone Neon Tape for Your Creative Projects

  • 21 Oct 2022

Word is spreading that LEDIA has launched a new silicone neon tape, Neon. In this article, you’ll learn more about what this product is and how it can make your life easier!

Why use neon tape?

Neon tape is a great way to add some glamour and excitement to your creative projects. Neon tape is non-permanent, so it can be easily removed if you change your mind. The neon tape also comes in a variety of colors, so you can create any color scheme you want.

What material is used for silicone neon tape?

Silicone neon tape is made of safe, non-toxic silicone material and can be used in a variety of creative projects. The tape is easy to use and available in a variety of colors and designs.

Uses of Silicone Neon Tape

Neon tape is the perfect adhesive for creating neon designs in your projects. With its vivid colors and high adhesion, it is easy to create colorful and eye-catching displays. Here are some ways to use neon tape:

1. TEMPORARY DECORATION: Neon tape is great for adding color to your projects, especially when you don’t have the time or patience for a longer-lasting adhesive. Simply place the tape over the area you want to decorate, wait a few seconds for it to set, and then remove it.

2. Make custom labels: Neon tape is also great for making custom labels. Just print out your text or images, cut them out, and stick them to the back of your product with neon tape. This way, you can easily identify and quickly find your items.

3. For creating luminous designs: Neon tape can also be used to create luminous designs. Just apply the tape to any non-reflective surface (like plastic or metal), wait a few minutes for it to set, and enjoy the wonderful light show!

How do I purchase this product?

Silicone neon tape is available at LEDIA LIGHTING

In conclusion

Neon tape is a great way to add a little extra fun and excitement to your creative projects. Whether you’re making a banner or just want to beautify an old photo, the neon tape can help you get the results you want. If you’re looking for a specific type of neon tape that isn’t currently available on our site, please don’t hesitate to contact us– we’d love to hear from you!