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Ledia Lighting’s 48V Series: Redefining Lighting Excellence with Advanced Silicone LED Strips

  • 27 Mar 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of lighting solutions, Ledia Lighting proudly presents the groundbreaking 48V Series, redefining brilliance in silicone LED strips. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect, especially in the realm of flexible LED strip lights.

Ultra Long Run and Shorter Cuttable Interval

Ledia Lighting‘s 48V Series takes flexibility to new heights, offering an ultra-long run and a shorter cuttable interval. This means you have the freedom to customize your lighting setup with precision, ensuring a seamless integration into any space. Whether it’s accentuating architectural features or creating ambient lighting, our silicone LED strips empower you to illuminate your imagination.


High-Quality LM80 Certified 2835 SMD

At the heart of our 48V Series lies the advanced 2835 SMD technology, boasting LM80 certification for superior performance. This ensures that you not only get brilliant illumination but also a reliable and long-lasting lighting solution. Trust in the quality of Ledia Lighting to brighten up your surroundings with efficiency and style.


Waterproof Options: IP20, IP65, IP67, IP68

Ledia Lighting understands the diverse environments where lighting solutions find place. Our 48V Series offers a range of waterproof options – IP20, IP65, IP67, and IP68. Whether it’s a residential setting or a commercial space, our silicone LED strips adapt to the surroundings, providing consistent performance regardless of moisture or dust challenges.


Suitable for Every Space: Office, Residential, Retail, and Decorative Lighting

Versatility is the hallmark of Ledia Lighting’s 48V Series. Designed to cater to various settings, these silicone LED strips, also known as flexible LED strip lights, are equally at home in offices, residential spaces, retail environments, or as decorative lighting. Experience the adaptability of our lighting solutions as they seamlessly integrate into the aesthetics of any space.


CRI80+, CRI90+ Optional

Color rendering is crucial for creating the right ambiance. The 48V Series offers a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 80+, with an optional upgrade to 90+. This ensures that your illuminated spaces reflect colors naturally and vibrantly, enhancing the overall visual experience. Ledia Lighting lets you tailor the lighting to match the mood and purpose of each unique space.



Ledia Lighting’s 48V Series stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in lighting solutions. With ultra-long runs, high-quality components, waterproof options, and adaptability to various settings, our silicone LED strips, also known as flexible LED strip lights, redefine how we perceive and utilize lighting in different spaces. Choose Ledia Lighting for a lighting experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Illuminate your surroundings with the brilliance of our 48V Series, where innovation meets illumination. Discover the future of lighting with Ledia Lighting – lighting up your world, one silicone LED strip at a time.