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LEDIA launched its new production line-Cabinet Lights

LEDIA launched its new production line-Cabinet Lights

  • 13 Apr 2022
  • Mangowithchilli

LEDIA insists on its marketing segmentation strategy in recent years, and it’s working gradually. The newly established Cabinet Lights Department in last June is another significant step to reveal its determination on markets segmentation. Cabinet Lights Department focuses on LED linear cabinet lights, of which goal is to provide local area lighting solutions for multi-scenes.

With the support of the company, cabinet lights department through precisely markets analyze and peer comparison, outlined residential cabinet lights, embedded integration cabinet lights and products for commercial projects.

Starts with residential cabinet lights, the R&D team from user perspective, application scenarios and using logic, to solve the users’ pain point while seek for the difference among peer products. After 200 days, LEDIA launched its first cabinet lights series-Lightsaber series finally.

Linkable Linear LED Cabinet Light

This light can be combined and connected freely, making it appropriate for space under cabinet, workbench and other scenarios. Thanks to its high adaptability, users can flexibly adjust the length of light housing according to their actual lighting needs.

Modular Components

Users can freely choose light modules with different lengths and flexibly place the control box depending on where the socket is. Through the universal Type C connector and control module, the DIY linkable design facilitates installation and use in different sizes and types of spaces.

DIY Linkable Design

Users can freely choose different lengths and types of light according to different scenes, personal preference and installation locations.

Universal Type C Connector

The universal Type C connector used between the control module and the light module can avoid wrong insertion and make it adaptable for more scenes.

Control Module

Users can turn on/off the light and adjust the brightness by the built-in hand waving sensor, which is more convenient and user-friendly. Users can also change the color temperature by pressing the smart button, providing a universal for all home scenarios.

CRI Ra90 LED Chips

The LED Chips with high CRI (Color Rendering Index) over Ra90 restore the natural colors of objects and the environment to the utmost. It also generates more realistic visual effects to effectively reduce eye fatigue, thus protecting eyes.

Asymmetrical Sectional Design

The housing of the light adopts an asymmetrical ergonomic design in vertical section, which looks slim and is easy to be installed or taken down.

High Heat Dissipation

The housing of the light is made of pure aluminum with high heat dissipation, which ensures no overheating after long-time use and greatly improves the service life of the LED chips.

Convenient Installation and Use

The plug-and-play 24V low voltage adapter and the 3M adhesive stainless steel bracket make it convenient and safe to install and operate.