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LED lights use in furniture

LED lights use in furniture

  • 18 Aug 2022

Lighting history has been through for stages, lighting was relied on gaslights before Edison invented electric lights, or even earlier it was candles. Before that, People’s activities at night revolve around the fireplace, or the dim light brought by animal fat and beeswax.

As the developments of technology and people’s needs for quality life, people are not satisfied with traditional lighting anymore. Thereby it comes general lighting, ambient mood lighting, local area lighting etc concepts. And each type of lighting carries different tasks, for example, general lighting’s task means global illumination, is to supply lighting source for the whole space. While ambient mood lighting is to express the emotions and add to the vibe, local area lighting, as its name suggests, is to add supplementary light to certain areas. Besides to support people’s daily activities, studying, cooking, reading etc, it can also lighten up the area by carrying a decorative role.

Furniture as the carrier of the local area lighting, the LED lights use in furniture becomes a trend.

Based on daily activities, people have different requirements for local area lighting, thus local area lighting is different from each other. For example, for the high frequency used area, it needs brighter and long term lighting, but in areas with low frequency of use, low-wattage charging lamps can meet needs.

1. TV bias lighting

After a long day work, sitting in front of tv and immersing in the favorite tv show, it’s the most common way of relaxing for most of people. To achieve the best watching performance, we usually turn off the lights to enjoy the movie or tv show in the darkness. If it’s the projector, the darker the better, but if it’s a tv, it might be an issue if the environment is completely dark.

For the projector, it’s not a problem to watch in a completely dark room, as you are watching from the reflected illumination of the large screen. Because the light is reflected, it is milder for your eyes. But it is a different situation for tv, it’s more like direct lighting source, sitting in the dark to watch tv will cause eyestrain and headache.

Like you don’t want the other light source to cause the reflection of the tv screen, neither you want a dark room.

Bias lighting is a technique that actually places ambient light sources behind the TV and shines light on the back and/or above the TV. If its setting right, bias lighting will set up a ambient light field which wont shine on the viewers, so to balance the direct light from TV. It will soften the direct light from tv which can decrease the eyestrain that caused by high brightness, and make the viewers feel the more balanced contrast and colors of tv.

There are lots of lighting sets for bias lighting in the market, its working principle is put the bias lighting set behind tv and connected tv with usb. Switch on the bias lighting sets while using tv. Certain smart controlled lighting set support preferred setting, or the bias lighting color can change with the tv lights.

2. Book shelf or display shelf lighting

Bookshelf (display shelf) is always the home culture display center and a way of self-expression. Visitors can have a better understanding of you and deepen the connection with you by the books or items displayed.

Generally, bookshelf or display rack dont need long term lighting, so hand waving control lightings might be a reasonable solution. When it comes to the lightings, according to personal preference, there are light strip, cabinet light, spotlight etc. Light strip and spotlight recessed in the book shelf or display rack. And different from light strip and cabinet light, except adding to the vibe, spotlight is more likely to emphases on certain objects.

3. Kitchen local area lighting

Kitchen, as a place that used by people, the local area lighting becomes more important, its role is not only to add ambience but also provide supplementary lighting source.

Ever feeling troubled with the dim light on top of countertop under the cabinet? Or have to take all the kitchenware out from the dark cabinet to look for one cooking pot? Energy saving and less heat of LED cabinet light is a plus bonus for kitchen. There are different sizes of cabinet light in the market now to fit for different kitchens. For example LEDIA freely connected cabinet lights, it can be combined and to applied to different shapes and sizes of the kitchens.

4. Home office lighting

Since the outbreak of pandemic, more and more people start to work from home. But home office lighting is always neglected by people while the right and comfortable office lights can guarantee the efficiency and quality of working time. Where it needs concentration, for example reading, or close up work, except general lighting, supplementary lighting is also necessary. Generally speaking, for work that requires close-up processing, the lighting needs to reach 1000 lumens or more. The CRI of 65-75 can restore the true color of the object better, while the CRI of 75-100 can restore the true color of the object . Thus, general lighting combined with supplementary lighting is an effective solution for home office.

As mentioned above, with the development of technology and people’s needs of the quality life, more and more local areas need to be illuminated with supplementary lighting, such as shoe cabinets, drawers, bedsides, etc., and how to use the furniture as the carrier, combined with the smart control system, the realize home smart lighting will be one of the trends of future research.