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How to Understand 120V Under Cabinet Lighting

How to Understand 120V Under Cabinet Lighting

  • 14 Nov 2022

The author of this blog post discusses the advantages of putting cabinet lights in the kitchen or other areas. This post will explain 120v under cabinet lighting and go through the benefits.

Why is there 120V Under Cabinet Lighting?

Any kitchen can benefit greatly from the elegance and grace that 120v under cabinet lighting brings. They not only have a wonderful appearance but also come in a wide range of sizes and styles to meet the particular requirements of your company.

If your company is seeking for lovely light fixtures that offer some convenience and flair, 120v under cabinet lighting is ideal.

Which is it?

A frequent sort of lighting in bathrooms and kitchens is 120V under cabinet lighting. Under the cabinet, a recessed light is present. Dark spaces like those behind a counter or under a sink benefit greatly from this kind of lighting.

How does it operate?

Bulb fixtures or enclosures are usually used in 120V under cabinet lighting. The bulb has a socket on the end and screws into the housing. When the light is turned on, light passes through the housing’s apertures and down the lowest portion of the cabinet. Dark spaces like those behind a counter or under a sink benefit greatly from this kind of lighting.

LEDIA LIGHTING offers various 120v LED strip types.

For under cabinet illumination, there are many different kinds of LED strips available. Some of the more common varieties are listed below:

1. LED strips: The most popular kind of LED strips are these. They are simple to install and available in a range of colors and lengths.

2. LED Floodlights: These lights resemble LED strips but have an integrated light diffuser. They are perfect for under-cabinet illumination because of this.

3. LED Track Lighting: A single LED is used in track lighting, a type of under-cabinet lighting, to produce a light path. This is ideal for giving your kitchen or bathroom a unique flair.

4. LED strips: These strips are more compact than other kinds of LED strips and are perfect for applications that need for under-cabinet lighting but have a modest footprint.

5. RGBW LED Strips: RGBW LED Strips mix red, green, and blue light to produce a more realistic color gamut. For adding brilliant colors to your kitchen or bathroom, use this technique.

Which LED strip is the most appropriate for your application?

There are numerous types of LED strips that can be used for under-cabinet illumination. LED strips with surface-mount devices are the most popular kind. This light bar may be easily tucked behind cupboards because it is smaller than regular LED lights.

The RGB LED strip is another variety of LED strip. RGB LED strips are ideal for cabinet illumination since they are made up of a variety of colors. Additionally, because RGB LED strips have a larger brightness range, users can change the brightness to suit their demands.

The dimmable LED strip is the final variety of LED strip. LED strips that can be dimmed are made to progressively alter lighting levels. They are therefore perfect for places where a soft glow rather than a strong light is desired.


For the ideal lighting solution for varied indoor area settings, LEDIA offers a range of voltages, including 5V, 24V, 120V, and 220V linear cabinet lights with distinctive and patented designs. For any needs, kindly get in touch with Ledia Lighting.