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How Smart Under Cabinet Lights Smarten the Kitchen?

How Smart Under Cabinet Lights Smarten the Kitchen?

  • 9 Oct 2022

Cabinet lights are the addition that your smart kitchen needs. They help brighten your kitchen and living spaces, making them much more pleasant and inviting. For example, a kitchen that is too dark may project a gloomy, overshadowed atmosphere. Quality cabinet lights are what a living place needs if you want to keep a light, uplifting mood in the kitchen.

LEDIA is one of the LED light companies offering quality smart under cabinet light and lighting solutions for kitchens and living spaces.

Why Choose LEDIA

LEDIA offers a wide range of smart under-cabinet lights manufactured with advanced technology. Let’s see what our innovations have led to below!

  • Lights The products of LEDIA cover LED bare board strip lights, PVC/silicone strip lights, cabinet lights, and other lighting fixtures. All sold items have obtained certifications at home and abroad to guarantee product quality and safeguard consumer rights and interests.
  • SensorsWe offer cabinet lights with sensors. These operate exactly how they sound! You can use hand gestures to switch the light on and off rather than manually using a light switch. It makes life easier, especially when doing chores like cooking and dishwashing.
  • Sensitivity   One of the best parts of LEDIA cabinet lights is that they are excellent for light sensitivity, meaning that the lights can be reacted rapidly.

Features of LEDIA’s Cabinet Lights

Here are some prominent features of LEDIA’s smart under-cabinet light!

  • Hand-Waving Sensor

         LEDIA’s cabinet lights come with PIR motion sensors that allow you to turn your light on or off with a simple gesture. It is the basic requirement of smart under cabinet light, considering the           general trend of this market is automation and intelligence.

  • Adjustable Brightness

        The brightness and color temperatures of the light can be adjusted to fit the different activities of users’ daily life. 

  • Easy Installation

        Install the smart under-cabinet light bracket by either screwing them to the surface or using a 3M sticky pad for the same effect, whatever seems more doable for you!

  • PMMA Construction

        The cabinet lights are manufactured with high-grade PMMA or polymethyl methacrylate, also known as “bone cement.” PMMA offers both shatter resistance and durability to these lighting              solutions!

Popular Applications of LEDIA’s Cabinet Lights

LEDIA offers cabinet lights in different sizes and colors for various applications and thus can not only be the kitchen helper but also be installed in other places.

  • In The Kitchen

        Our A07 under cabinet lights are most popularly used inside the kitchen. They are a facilitator to lighten your cooking space and allow you to work with ease. You can also save up costs by                  narrowing the illuminating space!

  • In The Bathroom

        The smart under-cabinet light, like A01, can be an incredible addition to the bathroom. It can be attached under the mirror or counter to make a fancy bathroom

  • In Your Living Room

        Do you want to add some accent lighting tonally collocated with your living room? An under-cabinet light may be the best step forward. They are sleek and stylish, and most importantly, they          work phenomenally well! The cabinet lights with intelligent sensors allow you to stay on your bed without bothering to turn off the light when your eyelids are nearly closed. Besides, the warm          lights will do no harm to your eyes.

LEDIA Lighting- the Leading Provider of Cabinet Lights and Linear Lighting Solutions 

As more people ask for extreme convenience and unique style, kitchen smartening syncs with the trend, spiking the demand for more intelligent devices. Noticing the surging market, we are committed to improving our design and production capability, coming out with a series of products that have wined floods of positive market responses.

LEDIA, established in 2004, is a leading LED light company offering linear lighting solutions for clients worldwide. We are renowned for our innovative solutions, consistently active R&D program, and state-of-the-art lighting products. What’s more, customization services are provided through which you can get the ideal lighting solution that matches your unique needs! The attention to detail that LEDIA provides to our clients is simply unmatched. 

If this sounds like something you may have been looking for, check out the LEDIA website today to get started and find your ideal lighting solution!