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Enhance Your Lighting Solutions with Ledia Lighting’s Bulk LED Strip Lights

  • 28 Mar 2024

As a leading provider of innovative commercial led flood lights, Ledia Lighting is proud to present our high-quality bulk LED strip lights. Designed to meet the diverse needs of commercial and industrial spaces, our LED strip lights offer exceptional brightness, energy efficiency, and versatility. Whether you’re illuminating a large warehouse, retail store, or office space, our bulk LED strip lights provide the perfect lighting solution to enhance your environment.

Superior Design and Installation Flexibility

We understand the importance of a sleek and unobtrusive lighting design. That’s why our bulk LED strip lights feature a super slim design, with a thickness of only about 60mm. This slim profile allows for seamless integration into various architectural spaces without compromising aesthetics. Whether you need to mount the lights on walls, ceilings, or other surfaces, our LED strip lights offer multiple installation options to meet your specific application requirements.


Customizable Beam Angles for Optimal Lighting

At Ledia Lighting, we believe in providing lighting solutions that cater to individual preferences. Our large quantity LED strip lights come with an exact beam angle measurement feature, indicated by scale marks on the two sides of the holder. This allows for precise adjustment and customization of the beam angle according to your lighting needs. With options ranging from 30° to 120°, as well as TYPE2, TYPE3, and TYPE4 beam angles available, you can achieve the perfect distribution of light for your space.


Intelligent and Energy-Efficient Lighting

Efficiency is at the core of our LED strip lights’ design. With high light efficiency options of 140LM/M and 170LM/M, our LED strip lights provide exceptional brightness while consuming less energy compared to traditional lighting solutions. By opting for our bulk LED strip lights, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption and lower your overall operational costs. Additionally, our lights feature intelligent design, including a DC 12V auxiliary and ZHAGA option, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.



In conclusion, Ledia Lighting’s bulk LED strip lights offer a superior lighting solution for commercial and industrial spaces. With slim design, flexible installation options, and customizable beam angles, these LED strip lights provide both aesthetic appeal and functional lighting capabilities. Moreover, high light efficiency ensures energy savings and reduces environmental impact. When it comes to illuminating your space with precision and efficiency, choose Ledia Lighting’s bulk LED strip lights. Trust us to enhance your lighting solutions with our cutting-edge technology and commitment to quality.