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A Quick Review of the Modern Kitchen Lighting

  • 7 Feb 2023

The kitchen is the heart of a home. When decorating your house, you should pay extra attention to this room as it can signify the elegance of your indoor space. Modern kitchen designs increase available space and functionality and help define a homeowner’s individuality. When designing a modern kitchen, attention is typically paid to the materials, aesthetics, layout, and other details. But modern kitchen lighting is equally important.

A wide variety of modern kitchen lighting products are available that make it easy for you to enhance the appearance and functionality of your kitchen just the way you want. Read on to learn how to choose modern kitchen lighting, its types, product recommendations, and more.


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Modern Kitchen Lighting

No matter how beautiful the rest of the components of your kitchen area are, the overall aesthetics and effect of the space will remain incomplete without the right lighting. The right modern kitchen lighting can transform your kitchen. So, careful consideration is required when buying it. Here are some common factors you should consider:

  • Luminance

The luminance or brightness of kitchen lighting is measured in lumens. When buying modern kitchen lighting, choose the right luminance level based on factors like the height of the ceiling, the shape and size of your kitchen, the number of dedicated workspaces, etc. Generally, 650 lumens are adequate for usual task areas.

  • Color Temperature

Choosing the right color temperature is also important. This particular aspect is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K). The right modern kitchen lighting typically features 5500-6500k color temperature.

  • Humidity Resistance

Since the kitchen often has water vapor, you must consider the humidity resistance of your light products. Damp-rated lights are designed to withstand moist environments, making them suitable for kitchens.

  • Oil Resistance

The oil resistance of modern kitchen lighting should also be considered. The good news is most quality kitchen lighting products are resistant to oil, chemicals, corrosion, and more.


Common Types of Modern Kitchen Lighting

The type of modern kitchen lighting you choose is also important. From pendants to under-cabinet lights, there are many options available. Common types include the following:

  • Pendant Light

Pendant lights are an excellent way to introduce lighting over a breakfast bar or an island whilst adding a stylish, personal touch. You can position these lights at different heights to create an eye-catching design

  • Ceiling Light

Ceiling lights are a great way to illuminate your modern kitchen. Installing the proper number of these lights will help you illuminate the entire space. Modern ceiling lights blend seamlessly into the space, making them ideal for minimalistic, sleek kitchens.

  • Light Strips

LED light strips are ideal for lighting up the main preparation and cooking areas of your kitchen. Be sure to use a diffuser to cover these lights. It will prevent glare, making it easier for you to work in the kitchen.

  • Under-Cabinet Light with Motion Sensor

Under-cabinet lights are a must-have for any kitchen. Installing them below your cabinets makes it easier to find crockery, cutlery, and other utensils. These lights also enhance the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen. Installing an under-cabinet light with a motion sensor is recommended for added convenience.


Product Recommendations

Now you know what to consider when choosing modern kitchen lighting, and you can start looking for quality products that fit your specific preferences. LEDIA is a reputed smart LED lighting company that supplies a wide variety of advanced and reliable lighting solutions. For modern kitchens, some of our top products include the following:

A04 is a functional and decorative wireless cabinet light that you can install in your kitchen. It comes with a wide range of advanced, useful features, such as:

  • Glare-free, soft edge-lit lighting
  • Reliable hand-waving sensor
  • Long-lasting Li-Battery. Easy to recharge
  • Hassle-free magnetic installation. No screws required
  • Smart button for the color change, mode switch, and more

B03 is another popular consumer cabinet light from LEDIA. Featuring a 3000K/4000K correlated color temperature range, it is suitable for kitchen sink areas. It has the following key characteristics:

  • Soft, edge-lit, glare-free technology
  • Flat and clear design for a clean look and quick installation
  • Available in white, bronze, and black colors
  • Compatible with most wall dimmers
  • Multiple installation methods supported, plug-in, hard-wire, etc.
  • Up to 5 different size options are available

If you are looking for quality strip lighting for your kitchen, then the dual-color series is an ideal choice. This energy-efficient product is suitable for modern kitchens and can easily enhance your workspace. Here are some of its key characteristics:

  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Durable, waterproof design with IP20, IP65, IP67, and IP68 ratings
  • Multiple cutting lengths and unit options, from 4 LEDs to 12 LEDs
  • CRI80+. Optional CRI90+ is also available
  • LM80-certified product
  • 3 years warranty


When decorating your modern kitchen, don’t look down upon the importance of lighting. It is one of the key components that can make or break your kitchen. Choosing a reliable LED lighting product is crucial to ensure a hassle-free buying experience. LEDIA is a brand you can trust to provide certified products to cover all kitchen lighting needs.

Established in 2004, LEDIA is one of the leading LED linear light companies. Our kitchen lighting collection offers a variety of modern lighting solutions to serve all functions efficiently. From task and ambiance lighting to kitchen strip lights, accent lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and more, we host an impressive range of lighting products that feature elegant designs and styles. So, we are confident that you will find the right fit for you and your modern kitchen at LEDIA.

If you cannot decide which product to choose, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will help you make the right decision depending on your needs and budget.