1. Tester 

Job requirements:

1)  College degree or above, majored in science and engineering, 1 year testing experience is preferred.

2)  Committed to the field of testing, treat it as the main direction of your work planning and development;

3)  Familiar with the standard usage of equipments and instruments, and understand the test method of LED photoelectric performance;

4)  Familiar with common office software, can prepare test report;

5)  Have good learning ability, work initiative and execution;

6)  Acceptable overtime work;



Job requirements:

1)  Secondary technical senior high school or above;

2)  With more than one year quality inspection experience of LED factory is preferred.

3)  Good analysis and communication skills and strong sense of responsibility;

4)  Strong ability of execution and compression and good innovative thinking;

5)  Acceptable overtime work;


3. Technician

Job requirements:

1)  Secondary technical school or above, majored in mechanical engineering,

mechatronics and related science and engineering;

2)  Familiar with craft of plastic molding and processing, theory of metal forming, experience in product design, as well as the ability to solve the problem of structure, proficient in PRO – E software design and AUTO CAD drawing software with deep understanding design work process, the design schedule control, quality control ability;

3)  Have strong career-ambition and sense of responsibility;

4)  Have a sense of collective honor and strong team spirit;

5)  Have a certain affinity, can understand the intention of the superior, can communicate well with other departments;

6)  Experience in producing and making sample of LED lighting, diligent and sincere, flexible and good at communication;

4. Shipping staff

Job requirements:

1)  Experience in working in the factory, Hard-working, meticulous and responsible;

2)  Obey to management, good communication, coordination and organizing ability;

3)  Have strong team spirit and strong sense of responsibility;


5. Warehouse controller

Job requirements:

1)  Technical secondary school or above, with more than one year work experience, understand warehouse workflow;

2)  Skilled in computer operation, sensitive to digital and familiar with ERP system;

3)  Have experience and consciousness to the warehouse process to improve the, can improve the warehouse workflow according to the actual situation of the company;

4)  Be proactive and responsive, work conscientiously and responsibly, have strong anti-pressure ability and accept overtime work;

6. Foreign trade salesman

Job requirements:

1)  Bachelor degree or above, majored in English, international economy and trade, etc.

2)  Good interpersonal relationship, strong sense of innovation and enterprising spirit;

3)  Work carefully and responsibly, have good communication skills and teamwork spirit;

4)  College English Test level 4 or above, proficient in oral English and familiar in computer operation;

5)  Experience in sales work is preferred;


7. Electronics engineer

Job requirements:

1)  College degree or above, majored in applied electronics, electronic information engineering, etc.

2)  Required to be proficient in power electronic circuit, understand the electrical parameter requirements of LED lighting, and use Protel99 or PowerPCB skillfully;

3)  With more than 3 years relevant working experience, proficient in electronic circuit power supply, proficient in IC project design;

4)  Can independently complete the design development of electronic aspects, and be familiar with industry standards;

5)  Good communication and coordination skills;


8 .General manager assistant

Job requirements:

1)  Bachelor degree, majored in secretary, administrative management, enterprise management, etc.

2)  Good image temperament, fresh graduates can also consider;

3)  Have the ability to compile documents relating to public documents, official letters, programmes, plans and systems;

4)  With high comprehensive quality, can quickly grasp all kinds of knowledge relating to the company's business;

5)  Strong organization, coordination, communication, leadership and excellent interpersonal and social activities skills and keen insight;

6)  Have correct attitude and identify with enterprise culture;

7)  Experience in mastering the company law, commercial law and other laws and regulations is preferred;


9. Worker

Job requirements:

1)  Male or female are unlimited, can bear hardships and stand hard work;

2)  Work seriously and responsibly, have teamwork coordination spirit;

3)  Healthy and acceptable overtime work;