Write 2014 LED Lighting "cloud Atlas"
- Dec 12, 2015 -

2013, China LED lighting application field of development speed amazing, traditional lighting brand speed up has in LED lighting field of layout, new enterprise like have sprung up like emerged out, punches Yu market, aimed at has this a again divided market pattern of opportunities, whole market rendering out exception hot of scene, industry experts are have hi big puben: 2014 LED lighting a blue sky, market is ushered in real of outbreak. LED lighting industry is currently one of the hottest sectors, apart from the excitement, while there are some within the industry "grimace": product quality, business income does not increase profits, the industry standard is difficult to unity, leading brands absence, channel construction difficult, one-on-one business ... ... These "faces" a typical feature of China LED lighting applications.

It has been observed that 2014 is home LED lighting, road or commercial LED lighting LED lighting is a full-blown trend. With sustained release of LED lighting market, in the face of this tempting cake, businesses no longer calm, began to ready and poised. Some experts pointed out that 2014 LED lighting industry competition will become more intense, survival environment will be more brutal. LED lighting in the world every year with exclusive music, 2013 success regardless of the harvest size, gains and losses have been curved end discrete. Beginning of the new year, we invite you to the theme of imagine 2014 LED lighting industry, for each keyword, as notes, placed staff arrange, sing the 2014 LED lighting industry.