With You All The Way| Taiwan Trip Of Ledia’s Excellent Staff
- Sep 06, 2015 -

Autumn is a season of Osmanthus, and a season of harvest. Ledia’s success relies to every single employee who has been working hard all these years. During late August till mid September, Ledia organizes Taiwan Trip for our excellent employees.

From Huadu to Taiwan’s major scenic spots: Bellagio, Forest Recreation Area, Harajuku district of Polygonatum odoratum, Yehliu scenic area, Taipei night market, night market in Kaohsiung, the Palace Museum, the presidential palace, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Museum, the man Mo Temple, Sun Moon Lake, 101 buildings... Five days and nights in Taiwan is an unforgettable journey.

On the top of Taipei 101 building, viewing this picturesque city, I see the way to future.

I want to feel the wind touches at the seaside with you! I want to get on the yacht to get close to the sea!

Let me walk into your world and talk to you through the time tunnel.

Camera records the moments. Wish we would not forget the happy days when I was with you in our Taiwan trip.


The third group going to Taiwan is still enjoying themselves there. Please follow us closely on wechat ‘ledialight’ to view more interesting photos from the journey.