We Are The Champion!-Ledia/Hongli Basketball Game
- Aug 29, 2015 -

Here the most romantic thing is holding your hands and watching the basketball final game between LEDIA A team and Honglitronic Material & Equipment team.
Here the most romantic thing is wearing on basketball T-shirts, and fighting against the opponents shooting a perfect 3-pointer under your beloved and passionate eyes.
Here the most romantic thing is winning the Champion for beloved you.

In August 20th which is the Chinese Valentine's day, the couples, the lovers, the partners got together to watch the 2nd Honglitronic basketball championship. LEDIA Team A finally won the championship at 45:39 !

The fiercest fighting! The best cheerleaders!

We, Ledia cheerleaders, are the most enthusiastic cheerleaders in the history of Honglitronic Group basketball game! We were shouting the word "Ledia", followed immediately by the most impressively loud voice "Come on!" So loud that it even lighted up those LED lights in the building across the basketball court, which is controlled by sound. At this moment, our LEDIA players were the bravest soldiers, breaking through the heavy defense and making a perfect shot!

The loudest applause for our non-beatable players.

Spending half month, four nights, four fantastic matches, four dauntless fightings, left us four different feelings for us audience.
Let's review the memorable moments of the game together.