Tunnel Lighting Solutions
- Sep 29, 2015 -


    Different from ordinary road lighting, tunnel lighting has its obvious particularity, its thinking of peace in lighting system is particularly important.
    In the design of tunnel lighting plan,we are thinking about the person next to conform to and comply with elements of dark, focusing on lighting design transition section and transition section.In order to meet the request compliance drivers eyes, required for the tunnel entrance in the transition period of the illumination light and dark, to guarantee a certain visual request. Tunnel exit to conform to a very short time, less common within 1s, so do not make other disposition

    Tunnel is a closed space, natural light can  shine upon them, in order to guarantee the connectivity of the driving and driving peoples life,even in daylight throughout the interior also needs artificial lighting, tunnel lighting is an integral part of a tunnel is established locally.

    Automobile exhaust, noise, vibration, pure air, corrosive gases, moisture and other harsh environments constitute particularity tunnel lighting. In order to give exchanges provide a safe vehicle and pedestrian warm lighting environment