The Revolutionary Light: LEDIA Smart T8 Lamp (Full Electronic Ballast Compatible)
- Aug 29, 2015 -

LEDIA today launches a new, modern and revolutionary LED lamp that is full electronic ballast compatible, which makes her a smart pioneer standing shoulder to shoulder with the precusors in LED lighting industry.


LEDIA Smart T8 lamp: A perfect solution to expensive CFL replacement
Why do we call LEDIA T8 lamp a revolutionary innovator? Because it provides a perfect solution for folks faced with tremendously expensive CFL replacement because of incompatibility between LED lamp and ballast. No wire revamps, no high cost, no time-consuming work. LEDIA T8 lamp just makes it simple and smart for you.
LEDIA Smart T8 lamp: All about best lighting experience
How LEDIA T8 lamp works simple and smart? LEDIA lighting cares nothing but THE BEST lighting experience of her customers. To make it happen, LEDIA Smart T8 lamp presents the following features:

1.Fool-proof replacement

100% electronic ballast compatible by directly replacing CFL without any modification of the original wires. Enjoy your instant light life!

2.More efficient energy saver

Compared with CFL, it saves over 55% energy and doubles lumen output, which effectively makes it the most efficient star.

3.Better eye care

No UV, no flicker, even and soft lighting, providing better eye care for you.