The Method Of Judging The Quality Of LED Tube
- Sep 05, 2017 -

     LED Chip quality judgment: the size of the chip, such as 7*9mil to 10*23mil and other dimensions for reference, the larger the size, the more expensive the relative price, the better the quality; chip grade such as: a gear products, project items, B-files, such as different grades of product, such as Wafer, LED Tube

     The price difference doubles to several times (a product and the project chip's appearance, the performance specific distinction, the inside pedestrian also is difficult to differentiate, the guest is not to mention how to identify, in fact the so-called Project product, compared with a product, the quality of a little flaw, but not serious quality problems. But no matter what level of chip, after our hands, we can certainly determine what its chip level is? We are confident that the supplier can not cheat.LED Tube

     To sum up: judging the quality of the chip, we must first look at the chip brand? Then confirm the comparison of the size of the chip size is consistent or similar, the final confirmation chip grade is a product? Project items? B gear? A round piece? Regardless of that brand, the same grade chip, the price is actually very small, in other words, whether it is crystal yuan, Guang Jia, Chimei mei, Tai, the new century chip, as long as it is a-class products, chip size, the same quality is no difference.LED Tube

    Quality to confirm the accessories used in the LED package, such as the thickness of the silver layer of the bracket? The quality of silicone? The quality of phosphors? Dispensing Process Control ..., judging from the parameters of the LED light source quality, mainly brightness is how high? How high is the indication? What's the consistency? (to rely on professional instrument testing)LED Tube

     Non-isolated constant current power supply: Non-isolation means that there is a direct connection between the load end and the input end, so the touch load has the risk of electrocution. The advantages of the non isolated constant current source are that the circuit design is simple and the manufacturing cost is not high. The disadvantage is that the high-voltage of AC power is introduced to the load end, which leads to the danger of electric shock.LED Tube