The Hotel Lighting Solution
- Dec 11, 2014 -


     Summary of the hotel lighting
     Lighting is complementary elements of the night,the progress of human civilization,to make our life more colorful at night,The hotels service is lets footsteps rushing to stay,hotel lighting add color to the hotels night life.for an upscale hotel,good lighting design can effectively create the unique atmosphere of the hotel,can rendering environment,heighten the effect of the plot while to get good value for money
     Hotel lighting cues to convey to the guests and feelings are:kind,warm,safe,elegant,intimate……to create an ideal environment light,a world of art,in order to achieve a comfortable,artstic,unity,security design effect
     Lighting design is a systems engineering ,is a combination of technology and art ,it must be adapted to local condition tailored. The essence of hotel lighting design must be considered
   The style of the decoration to the hotel of the type and Hotel decoration materials.
   The functional area division of hotel room and layer are tall.
   Construction and decoration design form of lighting and lighting parameters.
       main technical parameters of decorative materials, etc.
    Overall, the hotel should choose good color, high light efficiency of warm color lamps. Based on the lighting places can be divided into the following areas:
     1, the hall lighting
     2, banquet hall and multifunctional hall lighting
     3, guest room lighting
     4, lighting in public places
     5, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and other lighting
     6, other areas
      Hotel lobby lighting
     The hotel lobby is the window,characterized by distinct foyer will impress visitors.foyer lighting will undoubtedly bring visitor frist visual impact.Therefore foyer chandelier lighting can be used,the process is its grandeur.Assisted by downlights,ceiling general illumination of not less than 300LX,CRI Ra>80.using dimmable way to accommodate the daytime the evening illumination requirements for entrance foyer
     Ballroom and function rooms
    Ballroom should luxurious architectural lighting,tall ballroom space to use more good color rendering,high luminous efficiency of LED lighting products, Average illumination standards for 300LX.Multifunctional hall is equipped with audio and video due to the system,so the lighting should less heat radiation source in order to reduce interference to audio and video should adopt dimming and lighting control systems,color rendering index Ra>80,color temperature white
    Hotel rooms lighting
    Room IS heart of the hotel, is the temporary home visitors,it has versatility:the bedroom,living room and therefore can be used in conjunction with various types of lamps,such as dimmable bedside lamp,reading and watching television for temporary when the background lighting,desk using lamps,sofa and sitting area with floor lamps.toilets generally use downlights,embedded installation,lighting should be waterproof,control devices should be located at the bathroom door.rooms feature warm color temperature(3300k or less)CRI Ra>85
     Hotel public lighting
    Public spaces include a lounge,elevator hall,corridors,etc.these places should be lighting intelligent lighting control syetem, centralized control desk.Due to these areas year-round lights,so try to use energy-effcient LED lamps.Low color temperature color rendering index Ra>80
     Restaurants,cafes coffee shops lighting
    These places have the typical cultural colors,lighting of expression is not the same generally or cafe low lighting some of these places should use high color lighting Ra>85