The Fashion World Of Ledia Lamp Panel
- Aug 29, 2015 -

The people in the lighting field all know that if you thought light just as lighting, you are out. Nowadays, the lighting function is just a basic foundation of light. People need light, but need an exquisite light. It becomes a hot topic that lighting can evaluate and render the environment.

Ledia lighting put its heart and soul into research and development. Let's enjoy the light Lamp Panel together.


a.The Lamp Panels uses high quality cold rolled steel with standard acid pickling. (t0.5-0.8MM/ROHS)
b.The product has been static electricity spray painted with environmental powder. (RoHS). It can be embedded installation and ceiling mounted.
c.PSE certification holder G13 socket, made in Germany, is safe, hard and quakeproof.
d.UL certification wire (0.75MM single core copper wire) made in China.
e.UL certification connection wire.


10 different type Lamp Panels are provided that can be suspended, ceiling mounted and surface mounted which meet your needs. There are also beautiful Lamp Panels that build up the romantic environment.


All the Lamp Panels pass CE, UL, PSE and RoHS.

4.Wide Application

Ledia Lamp Panels can be widely used in factory, underground garage, supermarket, office, meeting room, airport, showroom, school, and museum and so on. Click 【Read More】, find the suitable LEDIA tube and take away the tube and Lamp Panels.