The Essential Importance Of Outdoor Lighting
- Sep 14, 2017 -

     The requirement of outdoor exercise for lighting tools is "readily available", and poor reliability of lighting tools, the inability to work at critical times is fatal and most likely to lead to life risk. Therefore, high reliability is the most important principle to choose outdoor flashlight.Outdoor Lighting

    Good waterproof performance: relative home, in the outdoor first to solve the problem is waterproof, reassuring waterproof standard of course is ipx-8, outdoor flashlight immersion in shallow water (generally referred to within 2 meters) can be normal use, of course, against the rain is nothing, in a sense, waterproof is also part of the outdoor reliability content.Outdoor Lighting

    Life is good: outdoor activities can not carry a large number of batteries, so try to choose an efficient outdoor flashlight, to ensure that there is enough brightness and long life time. It is best to have a low light to reach the flashlight for more than dozens of hours, in case of extreme conditions can be continuous lighting for more than a week each night.Outdoor Lighting

     High brightness: Outdoor activity environment is complex, who can not guarantee you will face what kind of situation, in the need for high brightness lighting, flashlight is very dangerous. Therefore, a high brightness outdoor flashlight is the necessary lighting tools, especially for unfamiliar sections of the exploration, outdoor flashlight of the highest brightness is better than 100 lumens. Small and light: outdoor flashlight to do as small as possible, light weight, go out without adding weight, save strength, the general personal outdoor flashlight best control within 100g. Of course, a powerful outdoor flashlight needs to be more costly in weight and volume.Outdoor Lighting

    Multi-shift Dimming: You can choose the most suitable brightness in camp, hiking, search, and so on, while reasonably saving valuable power. At the same time, multi-shift dimming technology has also derived a number of ancillary functions, such as SOS distress Signal, in the event of danger can be issued to help Morse code, to rescue seekers for help. In addition to the Flash function, you are in an emergency situation, the beast or bad intentions of the person, the timely opening of the Flash function, can make the other side of the eyes temporarily blind, then you can take this opportunity to escape.Outdoor Lighting