The Difference Of LED Tube Chip
- Sep 14, 2017 -

     Many factories in the market, product quality difference is very large, LED lamp price transparent and so disorderly, each factory marked the same specifications, the price difference of dozens of yuan/branch, is expert, explain to the guests clearly this huge price difference is not easy. LED Tube

     Take T8, 1200MM, 18WLED lamp Example: The market price has sold to 55 yuan/branch, also some people put the price to 160 yuan/branch, why the price difference is so big? The reason for different prices, is nothing more than the use of LED lamps. Let us from the three main components of the LED tube-light source, power supply, profiles to explain it.LED Tube

     Quality judgment of LED chip: the size of the chip, such as 7*9mil to 10*23mil and other dimensions for reference, the larger the size, the more expensive the relative price, the better the quality; chip grade such as: a gear products, project items, B-Files, round pieces, such as different grades of product, the price difference doubled to several times ( A product and the project chip's appearance, the performance specific distinction, the inside pedestrian also is difficult to differentiate, the guest is not to mention how to identify, actually the so-called Project product, compared with a product, the quality has a little flaw, but is not the serious quality question. But no matter what level of chip, after encapsulation, can determine what its chip level is?LED Tube

     Determine the quality of the chip, and then confirm whether the size of the chip is consistent or similar, and finally confirm that the chip grade is a product, project items, B-File products, round film? Regardless of that brand, the same grade chip, the price is actually very small, in other words, is a-class products, chip size, the same quality is no difference. LED Tube

    Quality to confirm the use of LED packaging accessories, such as the stent of the silver layer thickness, silica gel quality, fluorescent powder quality, dispensing Process Control ... Judging from the parameters of the LED light source quality, mainly the brightness is how high? How high is the indication?LED Tube