Take Me Along: LEDIA High Efficient Low Bay Light
- Aug 29, 2015 -

My name is LEDIA high efficient low bay light, meant to bring light to workshops, highway toll stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls and so on.

However, not all the lamps can fulfill their own missions due to low efficacy, poor heat dissipation and narrow scope of application of the power supply.

But, I am no mediocre lamp. I am made by LEDIA lighting, and that makes a whole difference.

The engineers of LEDIA lighting equip me with a high efficiency LED array arrangement, a perfect solution to the problem of light spot that ordinary low bay lights are faced with.

With compact structure and light weight, my lamp body is also done on the surface spraying treatment so that my color completely depends on the customers'needs.

I am most proud of my long life expectancy. With integrated heat dissipation structure, I do well in natural air convection cooling effect. My reflector and heat body part can be separable for easy package and low shipping cost.


And I am usually installed in the height of 3m to 6m from the floor. With the UL certified driver, I am free to go anywhere in the world. If you want to light up your world in a brand new way, why not take me along—LEDIA high efficient low bay light?

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