Store Lighting Solution
- Mar 27, 2014 -


     Summary of shop lighting:

     Store lighting as an important field of commercial lighting,as with the industry,the brand matures,more and more of its lighting performance is subject to the customers also features lighting from a single shift toward value display lighting,lighting is more artistic,more customers can enjoy shopping in our environment to create light, In the high-end store display, appropriate intensity of illumination than more can reflect the positioning of goods, revealing the brand value of goods in. Highlight the contrast is the key to the lighting design. The accent lighting. All the light is focused on the product, the ground and channels do not make direct lighting. Color temperature and color rendering, want to choose the lamps and lanterns, high color rendering, better display products rich color. 

     Brand image highlight a brand stores, decorate a style, space layout is different, but its brand and product display is always the core and soul of a store. Through the ingenious use of lamplight, in delicate to space, the brand and the products the most vividly, became the primary factor. In the light performance is as follows:

     1),lighting principle: by bright and dark, cold and warm, light and shade contrast combined with highlight.
     2),lighting technique: select a narrow beam of light metal halide lamp, in view of the local accent lighting brands, products, models, increasing the intensity of illumination, pose a significant contrast on the vision, let the brand image in the first place in consumerseyes.
     3),lighting system: according to the model, lighting, with a 3D light, through the combination of light and shadow, to model stereo sense is the most perfect embodiment.

      Store lighting according to the practical application of classification are as follows:
     1,department stores
     2, Supermarket shopping malls
      Department store goods, the complete functional areas, so its lighting has diversity. Basic lighting area can be divided into the following three parts:

    1, the general indoor lighting
    2, display lighting
    3, functional area light
    Department store is to provide a variety of other brand commodity exhibition and sales platform, so the general lighting is very important. At the same time, in order to guarantee the high rate of flow in the store, its general lighting level requirement is higher. Of course, in order to satisfy the lighting contrast of exhibit, the general lighting levels also need to be modest.
     Display area need to highlight, and beautify the samples, moving goods from the environment, outstanding performance, so need to focus on lighting to strengthen the target and the background illumination.
Functional area lighting is mainly used to meet the practical application function, such as payment, counter display, etc.

     Supermarkets as large shopping places, in which customers can freely choose and buy goods, shopping space is large, partition, generally includes the following parts:

     1, department area
     2, fruits and vegetables
     3, frozen food area
     4, new cargo area
     5, dining area
     6, cashier area
     Supermarket store operation is the key to traffic, so, the high level of lighting is necessary. At the same time also need to build the whole shopping atmosphere by lighting, guide to distinguish the product category.Department area light color temperature requirements is higher, the food area lighting needs higher color rendering, new area need high intensity of illumination in order to attract customers.

     More and more companies in order to highlight the brand, enhance visibility, has chosen the store or store management forms, this kind of lighting include:

    1, the window lighting
    2, monopoly/flagship store general lighting
    3, monopoly/flagship store accent lighting
    4, monopoly/flagship store lighting
     Monopoly/flagship store lighting in addition to meet the basic requirements of commercial lighting places, also should be emphasized by lighting brand image. Lighting, therefore, not only need to consider the quantitative lighting indicators, more needs to be built by the light environment, comprehensive consideration of a building, psychological and visual factors, combining lighting technology and art ably, achieve superior lighting effect