- Oct 16, 2015 -


It is recently reported that there are some online trading platform counterfeit LEDIA Lighting and selling LED lights which are irrelevant to LEDIA brand without our authorization. To protect the market order and customer benefit, we hereby make the following statements:


1.Our official website of Guangzhou LEDIA Lighting Technology Co.,LTD is (Chinese website), (English website).
The company’s Bank Account number: 6925 5965 4416
Address: NO.1 Xianke 1st Road,  Huadong town,  Huadu Dist., Guangzhou, China, 510890
If you need to purchase our products or know our company information, please refer to the above website.


2. To any company or individual sales of any products through online trading platform in the name of our company or any other infringement behavior of our rights and interests without our authorization, it should be revoked or correct, stop the infringement in five working days from the date of this statement issued. Otherwise, we will crack down on them according to law and reserves the right to investigate for corresponding legal liability.


3. We warn the public to be vigilant and avoid being scammed. To prevent counterfeit and shoddy products to you, please purchase our products through our local legal outlets or official website. Through illegal channels to purchase our products caused any quality and after-sale problem (or sell products are not relevant to our company brand in the name of our company), we shall not take any liability.


4. In case of suspicious circumstances, can telephone to us for verification. Meanwhile, you can call us if have any questions about this statement, or directly report to local police station.
020-37706012 (Domestic Sales)
86-20-3770 6052,86-20-3770 6055 (International Sales)


On behalf of LEDIA Lighting, we sincerely appreciate your attention and support all the way!


Guangzhou LEDIA Lighting Technology Co.,LTD
Oct 16th, 2015