Sale, Production 60 Watt Incandescent Bulbs Phase Out When
- Dec 12, 2015 -

More than 10 years ago, the family is the most commonly used incandescent lamps, emitting yellow light, we call it "light bulb", now with energy-saving lamps, rare light bulbs, but two years later the light bulb may have a direct exit. By 2011, national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of customs, the State administration for industry and commerce, AQSIQ and other departments jointly issued a road map for China to phase out incandescent light bulbs, and after following the 100-watt light bulbs, in October this year, China will ban the import and sale of 60-watt incandescent lamps for general lighting and above, according to lighting manufacturers revealed that incandescent bulb production cuts this year is 90%.

Some businesses have discontinued 60 watt light bulb

"The bosses have incandescent lamp?" Yesterday, the reporter interviewed several lighting franchise store of Chengdu, and some have an "early" suspending the sale of a 60-watt incandescent lamps for general lighting and above. A lighting store owner said, because countries do not promote the sale of high-powered incandescent lamp, the store no longer sold since last year had more than 60 watt incandescent, "only 40 w and 25 w, 5 bucks." Energy-saving lamp of equal brightness, at least 10 Yuan, LED lamp is 20-30 yuan, but most consumers have "incandescent bulbs out" point of view, and gradually develop the habit of buying energy-saving lamps or LED lights.

Incandescent bulb production has been reduced this year 90%

"Incandescent lamps had reduced the productivity of the 90%, only 10% of lighting, energy-efficient lighting and LED lighting production accounted for 80%. "Yesterday, a lighting manufacturer in Shanghai, Mr Lang said.

Pengzhou city, located in the di of manufacturers said their incandescent lamp production in 2013, 40%-50%, is now turning to LED and CFL. This adjustment is based mainly on State policy for incandescent phase-out, and not easy, had begun as early as a few years ago.

Incandescent lamp is about to withdraw from the market, the two companies do not agree. Mr Lang said, "small-wattage incandescent bulbs could not retreat, 15 Watt, 25 watt small-wattage incandescent bulbs but also have a more stable market, there are 1/3, used as a decorative bubble. "Mr di is, with respect, because they also produce incandescent lamps for decorative bubble in the market needed," feeling like LED not illuminated, still rely on the incandescent light bulb. ”