Road Lighting Solution
- Sep 29, 2015 -


     Roading lighting,the lighting is on the road for vehicles and pedesatrians to provide the necessary visibility at night.Road lighting can improve traffic conditions,reduce driver fatigue,and help to improve road capacity and ensure traffic safety,in addition,also amenity.
     According to the situation of cross section of road ,width,vehicles and pedestrians,illuminator can be arrangement, the central divier island double wishbone suspension layout and road layout and other forms,Road intersection area high pole lighting the way.In general,the width of over 20 meters of the road,a welcome road,consider bilaterally symmetrical arrangement;road width of over 15 meters,consider both sides of the ateggered arrangement;narrow side road layout available.At road intersections,corners,ramps,railroad crossings,crosswalks and other apecial places,generally laid illuminator to facilitate road conditions the driver and pedestrian recognition,its brightness standard is higher.inside and outside section of the tunnel and the transition road from the city streets to the outskirts of road lighting,consider the drivers eyes to light change adaptation.illuminator power,mounting height,vertical spacing is an important parameter with light design .Good combination of these factors can be obtained satisfactory lighting effects.

     The future direction of development of road lighting to note that energy conservation,selection of high luminous efficiency of the light source modification of existing road lighting,and gradually replace the current extensive use of a small incandescent lamps.with the emergence of new source of road lighting installation height tends to be heightened,vertical spacing tends to increase.