Race Against Time:Match The Height Of Yao Ming
- Oct 24, 2015 -

Recently, all the Ledia staff are hard at work night and day for customized tube. It is said that the length of the tube is longer than the height of Yao Ming, the famous basketball player. So I really want to see the true face of the tube.


After got permission of manufacturing manager, I came to packaging workshop with questions.

Standard assembly lines, swift-handed workers and careful package which show that you deserve to have the Ledia tube.


Wow, such long tubes


 You know, the golden cudgel of Monkey King can be changeable. The Ledia tube, in which the customized tube is 2.4 m, 0.14m taller than Yao Ming, can compete with the golden cudgel.


As we known, the customized tube faces the difficulties of big quantity and short delivery time. The more pressure, the strong the motivation is. Thank for the hard working of manufacturing workers. In order to satisfied customers, Ledia will be more deligent in the work.