Outdoor Lighting Solution
- Jun 30, 2014 -


     City square is the symbol of regional culture and local signs,its light city characteristics should be considered local geographical position,natural environment,cultural customs,historical background ,etc.When in real reflect and promote the urban development and highlight the characteristics and charm of the city
    Therefore,lighting design,in addition to several major elements of the above thinking but also on the local mountains,water,buildings,gardens and shadow,light and color harmony,while focusing on the use of light,color,language of light,the light of art to shape,structure square to draw a very distinctive landscape of the cit   
  Square Park lighting design must consider the following major elements: 
   The basic factor to consider
   Reflect plaza style and features
   Meet people,traffic is smooth
   Meet the visval requirements
   Light pollution and glare control
   Safety and energy
   Key factors to consider
   Analyze the square type,function,role
   Analyze the scenic layout and facilities square
   Analyze good enough for those who demand for lighting
   Visual needs:To observe the obstacles,feature recognition,orientation;
   Physiological needs:Requirement comfortable and convenient;
   Security Requirments:Requirements to procide people with their own precautions environment
   Communication needs:Request for people with communication,shou self space environment
   Focus on landscape modeling and unirt of artstic effect,reflecting the perfect combination of both
   Correct handling Lord King,with the King, the king of relationship end,each set off,coordination,picture perfect art form
   Note the location and method of lighting appesrance selection and installation shall be in harmony with the surrounding landscape,the transition
    Relevant regional landscape lighting design guide
    Square Theme
    Each square has signature theme in the design of lighting themes to be noted in the shape,material,color appearance to be considered,by the lights of different colors,the projection angle,the atmosphere techniques for performance,and to distinguish it from surrounding features landscape,with better lighting effects to highlight square theme

    Fountain lighting
    Fountian Square is an important landscape,but also reflects one of square is different from other public amenity features,fountain lighting design must focus on spary shape,height and rhythm of time considering the fountain,fountains of different shapes and rhythms the spray is used different lighting colors to render the projection angle to draw colorful muti-configuration magic, full of charm and romantic beauty of the bottom of the water column up or down, and to give the water to become a conductor of light load,the overall use of intelligent control

    Relief Lighting
    Relief is generally relatively strong artistic style landscape ,landscape lighting design for the class,the need for more thought-themed relief from artstic level,the use of more in line with the theme of the art lighting color,projected to show the way

    Flower lighting
    Parterre is one of the more important landscape plaza,to be noted in different seasons and categories of flowers,the use of different techniques were demonstrated in lighting design,light rays should be top-down, but also to choose a good color light,color rendering index is generally greater than 80

    Lawn lighting
    Many plaza has a large area of lawn square off as middle will add some other items to plants or humanistic style embellishment,generally focus on creating a partial quite, clean, comfortable lawn ambience.Therefore, lighting design, pay attention to the use of a selection of lamps also have to pay attention to coordination and natural transition appearance and with the surrounding landscape

    Shade lighting
    Tree group is one of the Green square in the landscape ,since many species and modeling can be noted in a different tree look so different light color,from different projection angles landscape, shaping the
quite,Mysterious,colorful trees lighting effects

    Fitness area
    Fitness areas are places that people prganize activities and recreational sports,but also the square only procides people with the acticities of large venues in the area on lighting design,lighting in general to meet the basic needs can be,but should be noted that the illumination is not too high, the color temperature to warm tones