Opening Game Of Honglitronic Basketball Championship
- Aug 29, 2015 -

The 2nd Honglitronic Basketball Championship was held in July 23, 2015. The theme of opening ceremony is "Hongli of China, Dream of Basketball". Now let's review the memorable moment of the opening ceremony and opening game.

Honored guests: the GM of Honglitronic, the GM of LEDIA lighting and the GM of ZYGY. With the presence of those VIP audience, the first match was much more exciting and wonderful.

The 2nd Honglitronic Basketball Championship that is made up of 11 teams, will last for over 1 month. Ladies and gentlemen, now you know where to go in this hot summer? Of course, the basketball court of Honglitronic!

Where there is a basketball game, there will be a lot of basketball babies! No one could take his eyes off the babies!

Team A of LEDIA vs Team R&D center of Honglitronic, who was the winner finally?
 On the basketball court, players are the heroes, outside the court, members of cheerleading are the focus!

Review of the opening game between Team A of LEDIA and Team R&D center of Honglitronic
The first half was quick and unbelievable, the ex-second place team, R&D center, was 9 points behind Team A of LEDIA. But the second half was very breath-taking, R&D center team scored imminently and even 3 points led Team A of LEDIA by serious of fast break and fade-away jump shot!


At the last 40 seconds, Team A of LEDIA got the chance to set up the last shot, everyone held his breath to see what would happen. Eason Liu, GM of LEDIA lighting shot a perfect 3 points and the match went to overtime. After overtime, Team A of LEDIA won the game at 39: 37 by team work and excellent defense.

Now other matches are still in progress. We will keep you updated when new champion appears.