Office Lighting Solution
- May 05, 2014 -


    Modern office is a combination of a variety of visual job working environment, not only to meet the basic reading and writing,but also can produce a pleasant and comfortable working atmosphere,to ensure physical and mental health staff, to stimulate high staff morale, thereby improving efficiency.

    Quality office lighting design can effectively improve work efficiency, factors that determine the level of lighting quality office are:illumination, uniformity, glare, brightness distribution, color temperature and color rendering index, taking into account the overall intelligent contral,security,energy and so on, creating a pleasant, harmonious and efficient working environment.

   A business office space lighting design elements must be considered


   Color choice: general office lighting color temperature choice between 3300-5300K more appropriate.

   CRI: general office lighting CRI selectes with the range of 60-80,but also consider the initial investment, installation, maintenance and energy-saving and other factors.