New Upgraded Product: LEDIA Full Plastic T8 LED Tube
- Sep 06, 2015 -

LED lamp SMT and power efficiency is not high in the past, it needs large cross section of aluminum alloy for heat dissipation in this situation. So mostly LED Tube is with plastic and aluminum structure in the market.

With advances in technology, improvement of LED light source, power efficiency and heat dissipation, Full Plastic LED Tube will win a place in the LED Lamp Market due to the low cost. LEDIA 2G Full Plastic LED Tubes with high efficiency and high CRI are waiting for you.


Product Application:

widely used in office, hospital, school, shopping malls, supermarket, hotel, factory assembly line, etc.


Product Introduction:

Focus achieve extraordinary. We focus on every detail to create a comfortable and healthy light environment.


One Foreign Brand T8 Tube vs LEDIA 2G Full Plastic T8 LED Tube

PF>0.95, effectively reduce the burden of power grid


CRI≥80, well reflect objects’ true color

                     LEDIA Tube CRI≥80          Common Tube CRI:65


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