New Option For Surface Mounting Panel Light
- Sep 14, 2015 -

LEDIA's new panel light frame accessory is designed by our engineers; it reflects LEDIA's relentless pursuit for excellence. Various sizes are available for different installation environment, satisfying every customer's need. In the same time, it's highly cost-effective.



Simple, elegant and beautiful.

Alumium, which is slim, light, stable, seamless and cost-effective.


 Heat dissipation

Thanks to the good heat dissipation characteristics of aluminum alloy, it has smartly designed structure for easy transportation, and long lasting heat dissipation performance.



The frame is mounted by countersunk head screws, which is simple and easy. The firm structure is highly stable and not easy to deform.

1.Follow the direction of the arrows to fix the 3-sided frame on the surface of the ceiling by screws.
2.Follow the direction of the arrows to slide the LED panel light into the 3-sided frame.
3.Fix the last side of frame by screws.
4.Mission completed.



This frame is compatible with all series panel lights from LEDIA.



Special sizes can also be customized according to customer demand.



LEDIA LED panel light uses high brightness LED as the light source, suitable for hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, home interior decoration, and other indoor lighting. It can directly replace the traditional fluorescent lamps, offering higher brightness.


LED panel light is a type of high-end indoor light. The outer frame is made from anodic oxidized aluminum. The light source is LED. The design is beautiful and simple, creating good lighting effect and pleasant atmosphere. High light transmittance of the LGP (light guiding plate) makes the LED panel light possible to form a suitable bright, but in the same time harmonious and comfortable environment.