LEDIA’s Positive Energy: Busy But Happy
- Aug 29, 2015 -

Hot summer time is the perfect season to work hard. All staff of LEDIA work with passion in their job, from sales team, assistants, production line to packing team, all of them work like busy bees.

LEDIA's Production Line: the center of positive energy

1.Hard working with proactive attitude

Working with the machines, our operators hold the faith --"Work doesn't support laziness, and our team doesn't raise free-loaders". They silently cultivate in front line and prove everything with their actions.
2.Time is gold

(I am working hard, pleases don't bother me, thanks!)
Orders have been queuing, and LEDIA employees must seize every second to deliver on-time!

3.Kill the wrongs at birth

Although time is tight, we have been holding firmly our quality-control principle" without any compromise. "Never let any defective flow to the next stop! Never give others the opportunity to make mistake."
4.Working smart and fast

With years of experience, even the camera cannot capture our workers' fast hands. Professional production workers have always been a very important asset of LEDIA.

LEDIA's Packing team:Tired but rewarding

Goods are produced, packed and are ready to deliver to awaited customers. Packing team colleagues are sweating a lot in this hot summer and loading the goods into the containers. They are relieved and satisfied looking at the well packed goods leaving with trucks, because their hard works are paid off.
The whole LEDIA team are working overtime with full efforts in production. Tired but happy, which is the best way to demonstrate the positive energy of LEDIA by our own actions!