LEDIA Release Of New Module
- Sep 21, 2015 -

Nowadays,LED module becomes the most popular in the advertising lighting product thanks to its advantages in energy conversation, environmental protection, high efficacy, long life span and low power consumption. Rich in flexible colors, the module can be widely applied.


LEDIA New Product—LED module made of 4 pcs Hongli LM80-2835 constant currant leds with optical device



1.High performance: Bat winged light distribution, 160°beam angle, easy installation, wider range of lighting area and more even surface illumination.


2.Long life span: constant current triode circuit, constant current driver, 1.44w/pc for better heat dissipation.


3.Certificate: IP65, UL, CE and RoHS compliant.


4.Application: used in logos or light boxes because of its small and exquisite feature.