LEDIA: Panel Light With Embedded Installation
- Oct 19, 2015 -


The new panel light, using MS light guide plate, is side-emitting with soft light, making a superior quality and comfortable light environment. It can be embedded, replacing of down light.






Speacification LD-PN-F036



1.The panel light uses LCD backlight technology, with unique thermal design, making sure high efficacy, low lumen depreciation and long life span.

2.Bight surface, soft light and free of glare

3.High efficiency constant-current driver and high quality power device for efficiency and reliability.

4.Without –silk screen guide plate, high light transmittance and uniform light.

5.Stable performance, low rate for repairing, strong versatility, easy installation and space saving.


Test Data




1.Open the hole in the ceiling.(Picture 1)
2.Break up off the pinch cock of panel light to certain angle(Picture 2). Put the panel light into the hole.
3.Adjust the panel light to fix in the ceiling. Installation finished.(Picture3)


Application Areas