Ledia:Cut Throat Price Of LED Panel Light
- Aug 29, 2015 -

In response to the demand of modern urban lighting's development trend, with its high optical quality, perfect fusion characteristics of ceiling or other buildings, LED Panel Light has got lots of industry approval. But due to the high price, it kind of scare the people off it..

Ledia Lighting, who is the biggest wholly-owned subsidiary of Honglitronic (stock code: 300219). With 8 years accumulated commercial lighting technology , at least 5000 hours day and night to study, so as to launch the more affordable Led Panel light.

5.1G LED Panel Light

Four big reasons to choose Ledia 5.1 LED Panel Light

1.Using Aluminum alloy AL6063 material for the body structure, high-quality galvanized sheet for backplane, this kind of unique thermal design let the LED Panel light has high light efficiency, low depreciation and long life span.

2.Using LCD backlight technology, without silk screen guide plate, has advantage of high transmittance, uniform light, soft lighting and no more ultraviolet & infrared, it would be harmless to objects.

3.AC100-240V, high precious single constant current drive mode, high precision constant current, without flow problem, people no need to fear of damage. It is efficient and reliable.

4.Stable performance, low rate for repairing, strong versatility, convenient installation and space saving, environmentally friendly products, non-polluting, safe to use