LEDIA 2014 Outstanding Employees In Recognition Of The General Assembly Special Reports
- Aug 29, 2015 -

White Horse bye by wind, Sheep run in the sun.

In January 31, 2015, "LEDIA Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. 2014 outstanding employees in recognition of the General Assembly" held in activities center on the first floor of  the cinema. The company leadership summarizes the past results and put forward to the planning in 2015, and in recognition of the 2014 annual made prominent contributions to the development of outstanding representatives of the staff. The venue was filled with festive atmosphere, permeated with LEDIA people fiery passion, music will be deep joy passed to every staff present.

LEDIA people make New Year wishes in wishing board

LEDIA people enter in order

At 9:30am, the magnificent General Assembly began by "LEDIA growth tree". Chairman Mr. Sam Lee, General Manager of Mr. Young Tian, Deputy General Manager Mr. Rongjun Lee all attend this activity. The commendation congress presided over by LEDIA Marketing department Mr. Daniel Guo.

From left: Chairman Mr. Sam Lee, General Manager of Mr. Young Tian, Deputy General Manager Mr. Rongjun Lee

The first item on the agenda Chairman Mr. Sam Lee delivered a speech of the board meeting, First of all, to expressed sincere thanks for the hard work of all staff; then shared the history of LEDIA difficult development in recent years; finally made a guidance to the 2015 LEDIA development, and said "2015, we are ready ", which included system management, improve the proposal, the sales target.

Secondly, the year of 2014 are summarized by the general manager Mr. Young Tian to all employees, and made a clear work plan for 2015. In the summary report, Mr. Young Tian said in the past year, LEDIA achieved satisfactory results, but the shortcomings still exist, especially in the aspects of product innovation and the details of the deal, still needs to be improved; also put forward to a clear requirement on the personnel management system; finally, a clear direction of the market LEDIA develop in 2015, at the same time the guiding opinion on the future market judgment is put forward, and hope that all the staff not only to do their jobs well, but also actively participate in technical improvement and innovation activities.

Thirdly, Deputy General Manager Mr. Rongjun Lee made a summary of the past year manufacturing department work, and puts forward some requirements, including: quality first; safety of products; emancipate the mind, join into the supplier, market, customers etc.

Excellent production model

Outstanding proposal award, excellent team leader

Sales elite

excellent department

excellent manager

excellent staff

Ledia 2014 year's outstanding staff haved photo with company leaders

Finally, the host read the selection results, commend 10 advanced production model, 1 outstanding proposal award, one excellent class leader, 9 excellent staff, 4 sales elite, 1 elite management, department etc. Above winning individual and team respectively by senior leaders and guests LEDIA awarded honorary certificates and medals, prizes, for their achievements fully affirmed and highly praise. The company also previously made excellent employees in recognition of the video to enrich the recognition process. In addition, the outstanding staff representatives also delivered a speech, expressed their burning passion and desire for the dream.

At 12:00 the conference concluded successfully. At this moment, the spring breeze blew open LEDIA people's hearts, passion has been ignited struggle. In 2014, we are full of gratitude and blessings, thank LEDIA hard workers, wishing all LEDIA colleagues in good health and LEDIA tomorrow will be better, blessing LEDIA "beyond the dream, create brilliant"!