LEDIA : LED Cooler & Freezer Light
- Nov 30, 2015 -

LEDIA’s new LED Cooler and Freezer Light was released in winter this year! It’s elegantly designed and has superb resistance performance against coldness.


1 Product Picture

2 Product Introduction

01 Perfect lighting
High brightness with wide beam angle adopting using SMD2835 LED chip, the Cooler and Freezer Light enhances the visual effect in the application environment and also increases the color of products in freezer.

High Color Rendering

CRI>80 , which makes the Freezer LED Light is able to enhance the color rendering of fruits, vegetables and meats, with fresher and more attractive looks.

 Normal light effect vs. Ledia Freezer LED Light

02 Eyesight Protection
No flicker, no electromagnetic radiation, and does not cause visual fatigues.

03 Energy Saving
Low energy consumption, saving 93% electricity compared with incandescent light, saving 70% electricity compared with CFL. High brightness. At the same wattage, the Freezer LED light is 2.5 times brighter than CFL or 7 times brighter than candescent light. 

04 Long lifespan
30000 hours, which is 10 times of CFL or 25 times of incandescent light.

05Low carbon emission and environmental friendly
No mercury, lead or any other heavy metal material.

06 National certification
CE, RoHS certification.

(Range of tolerance:±10%)


3 Color Temperature of LED

WW 2800-3100K,NW 3800-4500K,PW 5500-6500K

4 Package Dimensions


5 Application

Illumination of fridges, freezers, refrigerators, coolers and vending machines.


6 Product Installation

Installation steps

①Use screws to fix two clips;
②Fix the light bar to the clips.

Installation position

①Install the light bars on inner top of the freezer, lighting side facing downwards;
②Install the light bars on inner two sides of the freezer, lighting side facing each opposite side and positioning 45°towards the back of the freezer, this way can avoid the direct light exposure to eyes.