LED Have Made Great Progress In Solid State Lighting Market
- Dec 12, 2015 -

According to the France market analysis firm, light emitting diode (LED), in addition to being led outside in solid-state lighting applications, have been in automotive electronics, construction, and progress has been made in the General lighting market.

By 2012, various types of LED market scale will reach 10.3 billion dollars, of which, high brightness and high brightness LED a total of 4.45 billion dollars, almost packaged LED 783 million dollars in 2007, an estimate of 5.5 times.

Of course, the LED was well received in terms of effectiveness, but it's in color, design and cost optimization still needs to make further breakthrough. Meanwhile, semiconductor companies also must continue to improve its business processes. If you want this growth trend continues, especially in the General lighting market, the sector must achieve certain technological progress. In higher-order on the lighting market, for example, designers of the industry still must try to reduce the heat of the driver IC and Semiconductor components in order to maintain their service life and optimal performance.