IP65 Plastic Tri-proof Light:waterproof, Dustproof, Corrosion-proof
- Jul 11, 2016 -

So damped in the rainy days?

So dusty?

So terrible environment?

Actually, with an excellent lighting product on hand, no worries at all!

LEDIA IP65 Plastic Tri-proof Light will surprise you------waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-proof.

✔ Professional design

·Full plastic design, waterproof, dustproof and corrosion-proof

·Lamp cover use facet design, 85%-88% light transmittance, with uniform and soft light.

·Lamp housing use PC materials, which has high heat resistance, good toughness and high strength.

✔ High efficacy

·Luminous efficiency is 110-130lm/w, Luminous maintenance rate is 80%, 36,000hrs

·Stable performance, Low maintenance rate, high universality, easy installation and space saving. 

✔ High power

PF>0.9, THD<25%, 120V.

✔ Excellent heat dissipation

The FR4 PCB is closely stick to the heat dissipation plate, which has high thermal conductivity, good heat dissipation and able to reduce the failure rate.

✔ Protection rate

High elastic rubber ring was sealed between the lamp body and the end cover. Protection rate: IP65

✔ Easy installation

Two options: Ceiling mounted, suspended

✔ Certificates


✔ Application

Industrial area where has strong corrosion, much dust and rain, such as Power plant, steel plant, petrochemical plant, ship factory, pedestrian tunnel, warehouse, parking lot etc.

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