In 2015, LED Lighting Business Can Rely On?
- Dec 12, 2015 -

"As long as the station on the air, and pigs can fly. "This is the most famous xiaomi Lei said a few words.

Sun Tzu's potential in the article writes: "stress disease of water, boulders and potential; bird disease, destroy fold, Festival. Are good fighters, its onset, and their short; like a crossbow, sections such as hair. ”

All they talk about is borrowed "potential" issue. "Potential" is the trend, trend, trend. From the history of human development, and the development trend and the trend in the same direction, you can take advantage of, and otherwise be contrarian and die. Large national destiny and small to business model innovation, and follow the rules of homeopathy.

In the field of commercial competition, known as a "Shi" theory consists of three concepts: things, market and potential. The highest level is "potential". From the perspective of historical materialism, all of the "potential" did not take the person's will as to transfer, so any "potential" could be regarded as "homeopathic" results. Its "potential" is in fact the meaning of homeopathy, and boost its development and progress. Alibaba, phone, Shun Feng Express, adaptation is a computer (PC) technology and technical development of the Internet "potential".

Development of computer and Internet technologies in today's society the tendency and the mainstream, various business models, revenue model, innovation and production, manufacturing, logistics, and so on, around the development and application of computer and Internet technology. Of course, computer and Internet technologies is not the current mainstream technology for all of human society, known as "third revolution" also includes inventions and applications of atomic energy, space technology and biological engineering, involving information technology, energy technology, materials technology, biotechnology, space technology, and marine technology and many other areas. This will profoundly affect people's lives and ways of thinking, under the influence of the people the basic necessities of life, such as significant changes have taken place.

LED industry and the third technological revolution are all closely related, including Internet technology, information technology, energy technology, materials technology, biotechnology-related light, light materials, plant grow lights as well as LED product marketing and so on.

In 2015, which related to the lighting industry "power" can take it?

First energy-saving emission reduction policies. This is the policy of the Government has been committed to policies, the industry is still LED the popularity and widespread use of the product. In 2015, LED lighting is expected to be from a source, alternative products to project lighting, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, home lighting penetration. Resulting is the LED market "pie" bigger. According to the analysis of relevant institutions, will be $ 4.57 billion (around 28.355 billion RMB) LED the market.