Impeccable: LEDIA Linear Ceiling Lamp
- Nov 07, 2015 -


Ledia linear ceiling lamp with concise appearance, maintain & clean convenience, improve the entirely structure and atmosphere of interspaces, designed for fashion & high quality life.



explosive view



Metal Clips
Clips is made of high quality stainless steel material, stable surfaced mounted and strong support strength.

Aluminum Profile
Bottom adopts light weight and high quality aluminum profile with good heat dissipation.

End Cap
End cap is made of attractive and durable superior polycarbonate.
1. Flat end cap without hole
2. Flat end cap with hole & wire
3. Oblique end cap without hole


 Product Feature

1. Contracted Design

Makes individual feel comfortable, peaceful and feel at ease, application areas is full of modern sense.

2.Superior Light Sensation

Luminaries non-flicker, radiation-free, soft and uniform light, no dazzling and glare, it’s the best protection to vision health.

3.CE Approved Driver

Internal driver, input voltage AC 180~240VAC, instant start, high efficiency driver.

4.Durable And Eco-friendly

Energy saving design, green environmental protection, outstanding durability, long-lasting colour, reduces application cost, high quality guarantee for long lifespan.


Product Parameter

 Application Areas