Household Lighting Solution
- Sep 30, 2014 -


     Summary of household lighting design:

     Since the height of the information society, peoples lives continue to extend to the night. Therefore, the importance of residential lighting is more obvious. Lighting not only to consider the effect of architecture and interior decoration, but also understand the residential environment and owners individual requirements. Household lighting design, both have inherent scientific, but also have external artistry. In peoples daily life, household lighting and more to reflect the perfect combination of the two, thus demonstrating the owners aesthetic taste and life of endless charm.

     When doing household decoration,lighting design is the most easily overlooked,but it will make a huge difference to the quality of household.The lighting inside the bedroom environment is quite and comfortable,can also be romantic and intimate,but also joy featival;it can refuse to strangers at the door,and can meet the guests at home.peoples choice of household lighting,as the selection of paint colors as the selection of paint colors, carpet texture, curtain styles, a wide range of diverse. Each option can lay different emotions, transmission unique atmosphere, gives off a special glow. Highlights Artworks with light to illuminate an exquisite Ladies or unique creative decorations, better add beauty to the home environment.
 Household lighting should consider the following three purposes:

             Security   visual  atmospere



     There purposes according to room decoration,the owner change way of life,safety and visual emphasis on functionlity,so need to consider the illuminance values,illumination unifformity,brightness distribution and other quantitative indicators,and create an atmosphere you need to consider glare,shadows,the color effect,color temperature,etc.feel these qualitative factors associated with the designers should consider quantitative aspects of lighting functions ,according to their own experience and intuition,etc. to create an atmosphere of consideration

     Household lighting lamps and lantern choice:
     Lighting choice should be fully considered easy adaptation,energy saving,longlife,Also note expressive residential lighting,the brightness of light and decoration material,furniture,texture,etc.Useing glossy materials,high transparency mwterial within the space,using high brightness lighting can produce gorgeous impression.if the distribution of multi and low-power lightsource,it can produce flashing and dreamy mood.

     Lighting color is very important, try to use high CRI lamps. Consider the impact of light and color on peoples psychology, psychology should be based on different user habits, use of different color temperature of lighting, but generally use warm tone.